MRI with endovaginal coil - anyone had one? What happens?

I've just been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma and have to go for an MRI with an endovaginal coil at the Marsden next week. Has anyone had one?  I'm really not sure what to expect or what they will do. I had an ordinary MRI a couple of weeks ago and I really didn't like it as I get claustrophobic although the diazepam from my gp helped a bit!

Hello - I was just diagnosed with adrenocarcinoma in situ with a cone biopsy coming up soon. What did they do to diagnose you to get you to the MRI stage? I'm super nervouse (terrified) that the cone biopsy will show its further than they think it is now. Have you had a cone biopsy test yet?

I also wanted to respond so you weren't left here hanging. I'm working on staying positive so I hope you can do the same - its hard some days.