MRI vertigo


i know I shouldn't, but I've been googling! I have read that MRI scans can induce dizziness and vertigo, and am bit worried as I have had bad bouts of vertigo in the past so know I'm prone to that.

has anyone ever experienced anything like that?

Mollz x

Hi Mollz

I never had any problems during or after my MRI.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Mollz, I didnt have any of those feelings either. It was ok, obviously not my favorite experience but it wasnt too bad. Xxx

Hi Mollz,

I have had lots of MRI's and never had any problems.

I just close my eyes and try to think nice thoughts.It

is abit noisy but apart from that its ok.You can speak

to the guy's doing it anytime,and they are watching you

on the monitor.

Its a scary time for you at the moment,but once you've

done it you'll be fine.

All the best

Becky x

Thank you girls

i think  need to take a chill pill!


Mollz xxxx

Hi Mollz

I would echo all of the above. When I was diagnosed I was scared stiff of the MRI but saw it as an end to a means. It was fine to be honest and now I’ve had so many they really don’t bother me at all!

I’m lucky because my hospital offers music so I sing along in my head!

Top tip is close your eyes before you start and don’t open them until you are finished! Not even a peek!

I had a pet/ct scan earlier in the year and I think I even had a snooze!

You’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Sending hugs
Ali x

Hi Mollz

It's been about 30 years since I last had an MRI scan, for something completely different. Here in Greece we have CT scans for cervical cancer, and I have to say that even though the CT scan involves injections that can potentially be rather dangerous, I now take them in my stride. I don't know whether MRI scans have changed much in the last 30 years but yes they can play music to you and yes they can talk to you if you want to chat. I found it claustrophobic and would have been happier if I'd gone into the machine feet first, but I guess they wanted to look inside my skull as well. I definitely fell asleep. No vertigo as far as I recall but definitely claustrophobia. Try not to worry about it, it won't hurt and it will be over soon enough. Ali is right, keep your eyes closed, it helps with the falling asleep as well :-)

Be lucky


Thank you!

just desperate to have it done now! Have a date for the ct but big waiting list for MRI. Grr, let me in!!!!

Molly xx


scans over. Both fine! Worst thing was the terrible need to we before the ct scan, having drunk two jugs of water!!! 

Now I'm back to playing the waiting game until my next appointment.

how long did anyone else wait for scan results, and did your GP get them too? I've made an appointment with my GP in the hopes they get to her first!

i HATE the wait!!!

Molly xxxx