MRI tomorrow, really scared!

Tomorrow, I am being staged by MRI, & I'm scared.

All weekend has been BBQ, my Son's 6th B'day party, & normality. Tomorrow, is where Cancer becomes real, & not just words. 

I've got my MRI tomorrow too, so I'm in the same place right now. Very nervous as I've not had a test like that before and I'm prone to anxiety attacks in small spaces! 

Hopefully it will be okay for both of us. Had a similar weekend, visiting my parents and having a barbecue. It's been a good distraction. I'm hoping the waiting isn't too long.


Hope tomorrow goes well!

I had my 4th mri last week so can give you some tips! Try to wear something with no metal; leggings t shirt no bra. Then uou don’t have tochange into a gown. This helps psychologically! You can take a favourite cd. But I like to chose from the hospital list. Fleetwood Mac is my favourite. It’s noisy but I don’t mind that.
I had a bit of a breakthrough last week. Having freaked out big time on mri #3 (claustrophobic) I was very worried this time. But a gerund told me she had fallen asleep in hers and I just thought wow! How can you do that?
But actually I just remembered what she said and thought yeah…alls good.
My tips
Go in feet first
If you are a little wide (like me) put your arms above your head not crossed on your chest.
The operator will tell you when you are going to move in and out of the scanner. You can talk to them too. They also tell you how long each scan will last. It’s not just one its a few. Some seconds long some minutes.
I don’t like being spoken to do I just ask them not to. (Get lost in the music instead) They are completely used to people being scared and nervous. If you need to stop they will. I hope it goes we’ll for you. I’m on for a bit so any specific questions I’ll happily try and answer them…on phone so punctuation terrible!!

Thank you both for your advice. It makes a difference to have some tips. Good luck Hani x Thank you 365 days, I just want this done now x

Hi everyone ! I'm having my first mri on wed , had ct scan last week , I am really dreading it too , not so much the actual scan but what they'll find ! also does anyone know when I'll see a doctor ? 


Sam x

Hi Sam 

i was wondering the same I had a MRI and PET scan on wed last week.  I know the MDT meetings are on Wednesdays so not sure when or how I'll hear anything.  I'm in the same boat as everyone else in that the scans made it very real and I'm terrified of what they find.


ive been trying to keep busy weekend but not knowing when or how I'll hear has me worried and sick to my stomach.  I hate the how cancer makes me feel so up and down.



Sending you all love x Hani how did your MRI go? I got a surprise with needing a cannula and injection to stop bowel moving. I hate needles so an added grr but now to wait tl tomoffow to heard

Hi sylvia 

just wanted to send u love and thoughts for tomorrow.  I hope everything goes ok, likewise same to all the other ladies waiting to hear.




Good luck ladies. Hope you all hear very soon. From MRI to seeing consultant was about a week for me so fairly prompt. We all believe these scans are going to tell us the the worst but the rarely do.

Stay positive

Rachel xx

I hope you hear tomorrow and get your results Sylvia! My MRI was okay, but got very disheartened afterwards. I'd been told that I was seeing my Consultant Wednesday for results, but he's on annual leave for two weeks and no one else can see me. So, long wait ahead. I've also been told that once I get results, I'll be referred to Liverpool or Clatterbridge for treatment, after more meetings with them. I don't drive, so worried about travelling atm! 


Hope everyone is getting on okay.

I'm still waiting, it's causing so much emotion. I'm currently away, and all I keep doing is checking my phone. x

Aw Sylvia 

my heart goes out to you the waiting is tearing me apart as well.  I really hope u hear something soon.  I can't say relax and don't watch your phone as I'm glued to mine constantly.  But at least try and enjoy your evenings as you know they won't be calling then.


im sorry they are keeping u waiting.  I got told snipers today in a fice minute phonecall but got told I won't be discussed fully till next wed now and ill be honest i lost the plot at work and had a full on sob fest. This wait is the worst.


i have everything crossed that u will have ok news soon.