MRI tomorrow. really scared

Hello! I am sorry for the long post and thank you for reading :)

I am 36 and I was diagnosed with stage 2b medium differentiation squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix in Sep 2013. I never had any symptoms up until a week before when I had irregular bleeding for the first time and I immediately called my gyn. Biopsy came back one day before my Christian wedding and two before my daughter's baptism. The wedding was postponed (still is) but we went through with the baptism exactly as planned!

I had 30 radiation therapy sessions, 3 brachytherapy and six rounds of cisplatin. Next MRI in February 2014 was clear.

In May 2014 MRI and pet scan showed recurrence in two par aortic lymph nodes at kidney level and a left iliac one. I immediately started chemotherapy. Six rounds of cisplatin/ taxol and avastin every 3 weeks.

Unfortunately, in August, after the fifth chemo round I suffered severe vomiting which led to dehydration, acute kidney failure, high blood pressure, and an epileptic episode that I do not remember. Doctor told me I had loss of consciousness  and they had a code blue alert.

Sixth chemo round was delayed for two weeks as to recover. I had it as inpatient and went fairly well.

Follow up MRI and pet scan in late October showed that the iliac node was gone and one par aortic had shrunk a lot. But the par aortic lymph node had increased and some nodes on pelvic bone showed some signs of disease.

While we were discussing treatment options with my doctors, I mentioned some problems I had. I had another CT which showed that the par aortic node had increased so much that it pressed my bile causing liver failure. I had jaundice. I was again in hospital where I had a stent fitted to keep bile unblocked and restore liver function.

After that, I managed to start treatment in November. I had iMRT radiation therapy which finished the week before Christmas.

Luckily, around that I also stopped vomiting regularly (I did almost every day which caused my stomach to move up in the diaphragm). Last week I eventually got meds for a bone inflammation I have been suffering from due to my sleeping while sitting (due to stomach).

I am much better now. I am no longer in constant pain. I haven't taken any codeine  tablets for more than a week :)

But... Tomorrow morning is my follow up MRI and I am scared. I have a small lump which seems to be an enlarged bubonic node... I terrified at the thought of another recurrence. I have lost a lot of weight due to stomach problems and I am afraid of chemo side effects...

Has anyone been through anything similar? Sorry for the huge post... I needed to talk....


Hi Honey,

WOW! You have been through it haven't you (((HUG)))

I haven't been through as much treatment as you but,

I have an understanding of recurrence and the fear that

comes with ongoing cancer and its symptoms.

 Jo's is a great place to get things of your chest.

I hope you carry on feeling better pain wise and I hope

your MRI went well.

Take care

Becky x

Thank you very very much for your support! I accidentally posted this iwice..

Anyway! I had the MRI this morning and it went great! My radiation oncologist was present. He told me it was. They will have to do some checks so I'll get official results on Friday but 99% I am cancer free!!!!

Fantastic,I am really pleased for you :-)

It's great to hear good news,after everything you have been through.

All the very best for the future X


Hi Electronic

Just read your first post tonight, omg you have been through so much, you sound so strong to have coped with all that.

Just wanted to say how pleased I was to read your MRI results, absolutely fantastic news.

Wishing you all the very best for the future.




WOW, well done you.  Soooo pleased, you have done amazingly.

thank you all very much!!!

MRI results were much better than what I expected. This now means I can sit back and enjoy it :)

I only hope it never comes back..

So, so thrilled for you! :-)

You've had a tremendously scary time and this is just the best news. Will you be going ahead with the Christian wedding ceremony any time soon?

Be lucky