MRI Scan showed Swollen Lymph Node



A little background. I am 24 years old and was diagnosed with CC 1b1. I had a trachalectomy around 6 months ago. They also removed some some lymph nodes, not sure how many (i think just to be on the safe side) and they were all clear. I was given the "no more treatment needed" appointment on the begining on November. 


I've had my first follow MRI and the results were ok, although there was a note to say one of the Lymph Nodes looked swollen but they weren't worried about it. i know this means I shouldn't be worried about it, but obviously I am. Has anyone else been told this? Does anyone know what this means?


Any help would be greatly approiciated. 




Hi is probably a swollen node as a result of you still healing from major surgery Hon...these things take time and although you may feel well and recovered, plenty of healing is still going on! I would take the fact that the docs are not overly concerned as a positive, as if they were worried, they would have you in hospital faster than a fast thing!!! Good luck, h x

Hi there,

8 weeks post op I found an enlarged node in my groin and convinced myself it was the cancer. An Mri and ultrasound ruled that out and 17 months later it’s still swollen!! As long as they have checked it out and it’s not growing then it is fine. Hope that helps,


Thanks guys for your replies. I know they would have got me in if they were worried and I know they have to tell you everything the results show, but sometimes I wish they would miss out details like that, I just over think it and it adds so much worry. 

Can you feel your lymoph nodes? I tried to have a look myself but couldn't feel anything? Where you you feel?  Sorry for all questions I'm one of those people that likes to know why something has happened and what are other reason for the swelling that make them not worried as it helps me understand everything better. 




My swollen node is in my groin, it’s very close to the surface. I have lymphoedema as a result of the op so have to do a lymphatic massage daily so that’s how I came across it. My gp said sometimes after swelling up they can become scarred so stay enlarged. I think the lymphatic system takes a bit of a battering in surgery and is quite sensitive, it’s good they have picked it up though.
I can’t feel any other nodes, which is good!! I’ll be straight to the Drs if anymore pop up! Xx

Thank you for your reply. Ah that does make sense! I think I forget I had a major operation 6 months ago. I'm pretty active do working out in some way 4 times a week so that's prob not helping the healing. I can't even see any swollen lymph node are there hidden ones? everything down there confuses me.

I had swollen lymph node which they said they we're not too worried about and that it was probably due to infection. It was cancer. I'm sorry to worry you but until the test it I don't know how they can say that. I had a RH as they were convinced it would not be and I found out after surgery that I then had to have chemo and radiotherapy. 



Thanks Ags_Jos for your reply. I was fortunately offered a PET scan just to check it wasn't canerous. The node my belly button and as it was still only slightly enlarged (1cm) so I don't think they wanted to do something too invasive before they new more about what they were dealing with. The scan came back negative (yay) but they want to recan me in 4 months just to make sure it isn't growing. 


I've read some of your posts and I completly hear you when you say you have lost confience with our health system. I was the same as you. I was denied smears for 18 months efore for GP finally did one. Through the whole process, colposcopys (i cannot spell that word), ultrasounds, LLTZ, I was told that there was nothing to worry aout, they couldn't see anything or that the LLTZ would take care of it and the news always seemed to e getting worse and worse. I was fortuate enough to offered a trach and since my diagnosis, the team at the Chelsea and Westminter and the Royal Marsden have been amazing and I'm learning to trust what doctors say again, I mean now you are with the specialists who do these kind of things every day. Don't get me wrong if you feel there is something wrong, push through and get it checked out, but also rememer the doctors are on your side and want you to get better too!