MRI Scan results confusion?

Hi Ladies,

I wanted to know if anyone else had ever had an MRI at their 1st check up after treatment & was told there was still an area of concern but couldn’t confirm it was cancer or Scar tissue??!!

Surely they can tell the difference? I have been reading people’s info on their posts as to results & quite alot say '1st check up- mri shows NED. Am I just thinking into it too deeply or should I be prepared for my next appt that there could be something still there?
My next scan is this Sunday 3rd at 5.15pm, my Wedding Anniversary too lol so at least we are going out somewhere, results on 22nd July.

I am having twinges of pain in my groin and a bit of pain in the bladder region but that could be scar tissue from Radio so have tried not to dwell on it too much. I think maybe because my next appt is coming up I am subconciously worrying about the outcome.

If anyone has had a similar experience some advice & info would be brilliant thankyou.

Keep Strong and Thank you all for your support & positivity

Take Care

Hi Flo:

If it's not clear, could you ask for a PET scan? From what I know, and frankly, it's not much, a PET scan shows cancer cells because of the way they take up the glucose radioactive liquid you drink. Although all cells like the glucose, cancer cells really really like it and take it up much quicker, so the radiologist can see it on the scan. I had one after my treatment and I was concerned all my cells would be lighting up because of my surgery. My doc said that although they would, it would be clear because of the rate of take up. I would imagine then that they could see the difference between scar tissue and anything nastier.

Maybe worth asking for one to put your mind at ease? At least they might tell you why it's not appropriate.

Happy anniversary! Got to be good karma for the scan.

love t x


Hi Flo,

Yep that happened to me,and I think alot

of other ladies too.

The treatment carries on working.By the

time I got my next scan the area hadn't

changed so was defo scar tissue.

Hope that helps to put your mind at ease.

Take care

Becky x

Hi Flo :-)

Well this is going to be a wedding anniversary like no other then :-)

I hope you have a fun day despite the scan.

Be lucky :-)

Hi TeresaF, 

Thanks for your advice, I will ask about a PET scan, not had 1 of those before but have heard of others who have and tou expalined how it works brilliantly so worth looking into. 

I am hoping it is good karma for my scan. Going for a meal afterwards to celebrate.


Flo Xx


Hey Becky, 

That has deffo put my mind at rest. People have told me.the treatment keeps working & others that it doesn't so to hear off someone this has actually happened to & it was a positive result has made a huge difference to my over thinking it all. So pleased tours was a good result.

I see you have had a tough time so thank you for taking the time to reassure me.

Take Care 

Flo xx


Hi Tivoli, 

Yes a weird day for a scan anyway...Sunday?!  but an Anniverary trip out none the less, as T says hopefully good karma.

Going for an Italian afterwards with my hubby, 2 sons & a girlfriend lol. Not a romantic night but want to spend quality time with mu boys more now. A diagnosis of CC cetainly makes you change your outlook & realise you need to make memories

 Thank you for your reply. You never fail to cheer & support us on here.

Take care yourself

Love Flo xx

Hi Flo your story seems so similar to mine.

i had treatment this time last year finishing in August 2015. Had brachytherapy and the weekly Mir/ct scans but never really told anything other than "it's shrinking "! At the first 6 week check up I was told nothing visible - great news! Then first scan at 3 mths showed something still there - wait and see I was told treatment can still work.

6 mth mri and still something there - panic starts pet scan ordered. This indeed showed some active cells - started talking hysterectomy (I'd had chemorads). So in addition to scans they requested an eua & biopsay. This again return positive cancer cells. So they decided to wait a further 6 weeks and repeat the eua.

This time the results were clear - hurray. However because of the back and forth they want to have a 3rd eua and biopsies in the summer sometime. The consultant when she rang to give me the good news did say in some cases the radiotherapy does work for a considerable period of time and they believe this is what was happening with me. She did say they were probably a little too keen with all the scans and eua so early on!

so I'd be wary of requesting a pet scan as they have been known to show false positives resulting in more stressful periods. 

Hi.  I also wouldn't rush to have a PET scan.  I finished teatment in October and because I was having a lot of joint pain they ordered a PET scan in January.  A preaortic lymph node lit up but it was too small to treat so ordered another for April.  On that scan the preaortic lymph node had completely cleared (hurrah!) but a rectal node lit up.  I've got another scan booked for later this month as they cannot reach the lymph node surgically and I'm so scared as they have told me in my case recurrence would be incurable.  On the other hand they said it might clear up like the other one and all would be ok, as otherwise I had responded perfectly to the treatment.  So I'm in this horrid limbo where I don't know whether to be worried sick or if I'm actually fine.  I've also been told the radiotherapy can sometimes cause PET scans to light up for up to a year and in addition any inflammation or infection can also cause a false positive.  So really a PET scan would probably not give you peace of mind and might just increase your worry unnecessarily.  I would have thought the biopsies will give you much clearer results.  Good luck with it all.  Jillx