MRI results

So I got my MRI results back today and they said that the cancer is confined to the cervix! So happy!! They said my tumour was a little bit smaller than what they thought only by a smidgen but still smaller! My lymph nodes look fine in size just look a bit thick but the nurse thinks it could be down to my last procedure? But all in all I'm so happy it hasn't got anywhere else. Got to see a specialist next Wednesday were they will go in an have a look again then decide what the next step is. Thanks to all you lovy ladies for all your kind words xx

Awwwww finally some good news love, I'm really pleased for you that it's not spread. It's the defo best outcome of a bad situation!! I had it in my mind that your MRI was tmoz?? Xxx

Good news Dominique .....  Good luck next week x

You're sounding more positive too! Goodluck & Best Wishes xx

That's great news, you must have been terrified when you got the diagnosis but at least you know what you are facing now and it can and will be treated! Xx

Thanks ladies feeling more confident. Was due my results back tomorrow mrs m had MRI yesterday but thankfully got them bk today. Hope your all doing ok xx

Now go kick it’s arse! X

That's great news- so, so pleased for you.  Hope next week goes well, keep us posted.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Thanks lady's I will keep you posted xx