MRI results vs PET Scan results

I have a MRI lumbar spine for my back pain post treat cc 2b. Per MRI results , it's says I have lesion on L 2 "probable osseus metastatic" but My Pet scan is neagatine says no metastatic disease .... thinking what it could be... bit scare n nervous ... having bx on lumbar spine next week ... doc wants to make sure ... is it possible some cancernot to show on pet scan ? please share if anyone gone thru or heard... thank you all n hope you all doing well.... lots of love n hugs to all

diagnosed cc 04/2017

finised tx - 25 ext radiaton, 6 chemo, and 4 brachy completed on 7/5/2017 


Hi kam

i would say a pet scan is more accurate in the findings then the MRI as it is on a cellular level. Did you ever have an issue before cc with your back? It is possible that the radiation has caused an issue with your spine. It would all depend on how you were lined up for treatment and where exactly the radiation had go through for a direct hit on your tumour. The brachy could also cause this damage. 

Goof that your dr is being cautious. 

Try to stay positive. Keep your mind busy. I hope all goes well   

Big hugs


I totally agree with lolli888 , as gar as i know petscan is more accurate than mri. Your doctor is just being cautious i think.

Hope it all goes well , keep us posted.


Hi Kam

My 1 year MRI showed tumours in my liver, which were considered very likely to be metastatic cancer. This was confirmed by an ultrasound. After a liver biopsy proved inconclusive I was given a Pet/CT scan. This confirmed there was no cancer present and they did another biopsy to triple check. All was well, and I am still here 3 and a half years later. So definitely in my experience the PET scan is the much more accurate. I researched (as you do, but shouldn’t!) and false negative pet scans are extremely rare. So fingers crossed this is the case for you too, definitely sounds like it.

Take care

Hi Ali77, very helpful response.. thank you so much...made feel relax n calm... hoping all good results from bx this week. 



Goodluck Kam. Hopefully the biopsy comes back with the best possible outcome. I have a 2cm cystic nodule on my thyroid that is visible but non-avid on my pet scan and seen on CTs which I have had.  They've tried to biopsy a couple of times unsuccessfully coming back non diagnostic. But They said even if it lit up or became avid it would only be thirty percent chance of actually being cancerous. I know it's completely different, but just trying to say, that even a pet scan is not always conclusive as a positive for a metastasis. Hoping the best for you.


5x cisplatin

5x haemostatic XRT

25 X External beam

5 X paraaortic boost external beam

50 hours pulse dose brachytherapy

Waiting for PET 10/2017

Hello All, Hope you all are doing ok. Yes I had a bx yesterday, waiting for result. The doc who did bx was confident that its not cancer. The location of my lesion and pain that I having wasnt at same place. Per that doc, it could be all just side effects from all previous treatment and he also stated side

effcts can last for 2-3 months or ever more. 

Thank you all for your wonderful responses. 

I will update on bx result once i have it.


Kam i am soooo happy for you :)) congrulations.


Sounds positive Kam! Good to hear!

Hi kam

how wonderful this news is. I hope you can get this confirmation quickly and put this ugly story behind you. 


Thank you Lolli888. Hoping all good results .... 

this site been very helpful to me and hope for everyone who is dealing with cc... thank you all. 


Hello all..... got a result of L2 lesion bx.... it's nothing bad, just a bening tumor ( hemangioma) .... thank all for your supporT...It's has been great help while awaiting result.... 

post treatment scan on in a month of October n let's see....lots of ❤️ to you all... have a very nice day to all ladies ....


Thats great Kam! 

I am so happy for you , great news :))