MRI Results - The next step further examinations!!

Hi all,

I got my MRI results back, shows my cc is still 1b1 so NO spread & also my lymph nodes are showing all clear! This was such a huge relief for me as I was so worried. However, after I had MRI I just presumed they got on with the treatment which would then remove my CC! But the Macmilcalls nurse called me & said that at their weekly MDT meeting they all decided that they should bring me in for further examination. I have since been to see a Gyney doc who will be the one to perform the surgery on me. He explained to me he wanted to actually look at the cancer and see how much of the cervix it has taken up as I am on the border for a Trachelectomy but he said it is cutting it fine. He also wants to have a look at my bladder and check that is all ok. I think he wants piece of mind before actually going a head with surgery. I'm so thankful that he is doing this procedure first as it gives me hope. I'm oNLy 23 and really want to keep my fertility So I'm hoping for the best possible outcome. 

they are putting me under GA for this little op tomorrow & I then should find out in two weeks what the next step is. He is also going to take a few more biopsies! Tad nervous for tomorrow but this is nothing compared to what I will end up having to have!..

So was just wondering has anybody else had this before deciding what treatment your having?

lots of hugs Sophia xxx

Hey Sophia,

Glad you got your results and it's early stage. Fingers crossed in a few weeks you'll be clear :)

I think what your consultant is doing is known as an Examination Under Aneasthetic....EUA for short. A lot of ladies have this before treatment as the team like to have a proper look and check your bladder and bowel usually. This is obviously much more comfortable if you're under GA!

I had mine and was up and about really quickly and at home by 3pm! It's a very quick procedure.

Good luck for it, hope it all goes well and that you can have the trachelectomy.


Hi Sophia 

I was in the exact same situation as you and was out by 4pm that day for the examination So no worries this is normal :) I recently had trac op and just waiting for results good luck :) 


any more questons lwt me know happy to help 

emma 25yrs 1b1 trac op