MRI results - strange thing seen on scan!

Hi all, just looking to see if anyone has come across this before on an MRI?

As a bit of background I finished treatment for 3C2 CC in January of this year. Had an MRI at 3 months post treatment and all was okay. Had examination at 7 months post treatment- all okay but i asked the oncologist how she knew there was no cancer in my lymph nodes and stated i was anxious about it so she reluctantly referred me for an MRI. (In Scotland it seems you only get an MRI about 3 or 4 months after treatment then only internal checks after that unless you have any bleeding etc). So i had my MRI on 7th November.
I emailed my Oncologists lovely secretary today to ask about results as i don’t have my next appointment with Oncologist until Jan. She said that there’s no recurrence so all is good there but then asked if i had a tampon in during my MRI as they could see a fluid filled object!! I have had quite a bit of discharge for the last 6 weeks or so but haven’t been using tampons. So i don’t know what this is and I’m going to have to go in for an examination.

Has anyone else had anything like this show up on an MRI?

I also had a colonoscopy a couple of weeks ago (after reporting blood in poo) which showed 35cm of radiation damage which is now causing severe anaemia (haemoglobin down to 85) so I’m now on iron tablets for that, and I’ve an appointment with colorectal consultant to discuss therapeutic treatment.

It’s never ending isn’t it, but grateful that my latest scan shows no sign of disease x

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Hey :slight_smile: , yayyy to no cancer !!!

Sorry I don’t have answers for the other stuff but I didn’t want to read and not comment. Good job you pushed for the extra mri though xx

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It might be that your uterus is filled with liquid? I know I have that and it showed on MRI s. So happy for you :heart:

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Hi lovely

Good news that there is no sign of cancer.

I’ve had issues with fluid in my pelvic cavity post treatment and it was due to scar tissue fusing the inside of my vagina together, I’m now two years post treatment and my scar tissue issues have now resolved xxx

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Hi Clairey

Thank you for providing some reassurance, hopefully this is what is wrong with me.

Can i ask if you experienced any discharge when you had similar issues? I have the discharge and I’m having difficulty with my dilators now. I was up to number 3 and now having to start again at number 1. I’m wondering if this is due to scar tissue fusing.

I hope things continue to go well for you xx

Hi Emsypops, no I didn’t have any discharge but it almost felt like I had a tampon that needed changing inside me, that’s the only way I can explain the feeling… I did however have bleeding every time I used the dilators.

I couldn’t get on with the dilators at all, just gross things :weary: so I had a chat with my cns nurse and she told me not to bother with them and buy a vibrator instead which I did and that actually helped to resolve everything a lot quicker

Lots of love xxx

I know these bloody dilators, surely they could have something more user friendly by now! I hate them! I will have a look at vibrators xx

Just an update, the radiologist thought the odd thing might be an area of gas. The Dr who did my check up said everything looks okay, possibly a bit of scar tissue following the brachytherapy. The after effects of brachytherapy can cause discharge as your vagina can fuse together and the fluid builds up and eventually breaks through. She thinks i need to use my dilators more so will have to start using them again. I had got up to size 3 then stopped using them for a few weeks and I’m back to the smallest. But she is going to send me recommendations of silicone dilators and lubricant. She was so lovely, she’s going to refer me to Maggies Centre for help with mental health stuff Xx

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