MRI results stage 2B (children/fertility mentioned)

I have been told today I have stage 2B cervical cancer. My treatment will be radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The cancer has stayed in my cervix but spread into the surrounding tissue.

I am relieved that the cancer has not spread but I am now aware that radiotherapy means no more children! I only have 1 child he is 11 months old, I am 27 years old and I wanted more children. I feel good that the cancer has not spread, but debaststed about no more children. I loved every minute of my pregnancy.

I also am confused with the treatment. What are my chances of complete recovery/survival? I wasn’t given this information today as they didn’t have the statistics at hospital. I would like to speak on here with people with the same staging and know their stories. The people I have told seem to be really upbeat and positive but am I right in saying it’s not as straight forward as that? I understand the treatment is to shrink the tumor?

Also, do I have anymother options other than to have my eggs frozen?

Thanks for taking the time to read xxx

Hello ZoeM - I'm always saddened by the number of girls on here who are still getting this awful diagnosis, you're only 27! I'm not the same stage or situation as you Zoe but I wanted to reply to your post, though I hope you find somebody with the same stageing who can answer your questions.

Regarding  recovery/survival - there are a lot of statistics out there and to be honest, I wouldn't recommend you study them.  Every case is unique - even though you may be given the same diagnosis to other ladies - everyone responds differently to treatment, some good - some not so good, therefore I wouldn't go by what the stats say.

Radiotherapy targets the tumor & hopefully shrinks it. Chemotherapy treats the whole body, hopefully killing off any rogue cells that have gone elsewhere.

I don't know about your options towards children or preserving your eggs - you should have a good chat with your specialist team, ask them the details.


As for your little boy, you are blessed to have him.  Get through this treatment stage for him, you are his mummy & he needs you as much as you need to be with him.  If it turns out he is to be your only child, please don't be saddened by this, concentrate all your efforts in getting better so that you can devote yourself to him fully.

It's hard when you're at the start of all this - it's so worrying & frightening, but you will get through the treatment and your outlook on things will change as you come out the other end!

I wish you all the best



Hi Zoe,


Im 24 and had the same stage as you, on the 20th of Dec I was given the all clear so am now in remission! I know a few pepole from a support group I go to that have the same stage and have been all clear for a few years. Please don't look at statistics they are out of date and you have to take into a count that a lot of people can be a lot older women who can't with stand the treatment. The younger you are the better chance you have as my consultant told me, the chemo/rads for me personally were not half as bad as I thought that's not to say it's easy but I had a fairly ok time which makes me feel lucky. Please don't despair just focus on getting better it will be a roller coaster for the next few months but you will get there! 


If you want to talk any time message me


I was also confirmed on the 24th with stage 2B CC, and start the chemo/radiotherapy on Monday.  This forum has been so helpful, and to see others with the same diagnosis being in remission is helping keep me positive.  

Hope your treatment goes well



Hi I just had my results back yesterday stage 2b like you I have a little boy 4 and we were planning on another baby this year. I am 28 it scared me to death finding out but looking on here it has so many positive comments xx would like to talk to more in the same boat xx

Hi Ladies,

I too was diagnosed stage 2b in May 2013, I finished 28 radiotheraphy, 5 chemo and 3 brachytherapy in August 2013. I have since had a MRI, EUA and a 6 month check up all of which have reported no evidence of diease :)  The treatment can be tough at times but is very effective.

There are so many inspirational ladies on this site that I took strength from during my treatment, if I can help answer any questions you have just let me know xxxx 

I've posted this on a new forum and realised it probably fits better here as a few of us seem to be at the same place:

Hi I'm 32 and I've also been diagnosed with stage 2B CC after a tumour was seen giving birth to my son 7 weeks ago (had bleeding through pregnancy but was told this was common, just one of those things). I've also been devastated about my fertility being taken as we had planned another child fairly quickly to make our family complete. After lots of discussion and research with my husband we have decided against freezing my eggs, one of the hardest decisions ever in such a short space of time but after getting my first chemo blast yesterday there's no going back. I'm blessed with the children I have and need to fight to survive for them, doesn't take the feeling that I'm losing something away but they'll get me through this and from seeing forums on this for girls with no children yet I feel utterly devastated for them. I hope surrogacy works out for them and for anyone here who wants to try for a brother or sister for the child they have.

I've been looking for a 2B forum, I was wondering if any of you are in the Glasgow area as it would be good to chat or meet up with someone going through the same thing (I know they set up group meetings on this but there's none scheduled for Glasgow just now). Message me if anyone is interested in doing this. 


09/03/14 tumour spotted during labour

18/03/14 biopsy

25/03/14 CC confirmed

PET scan and MRI showed stage 2B, 5cm, no spread apart from into some lymph nodes in pelvis

22/04/14 consultant met - 3 sessions intensive chemo then 7 weeks chemo/radio combo

28/04/14 Chemo 1 done