I have my Mri result.. I was diagnosed with stage 1 cancer!! can someone please help me understand this mri result?? I have an appointment to my onco Friday. Im just paranoid and wants to know whats going on!! Thank you

MRI result
A 1.3 x 0.6 cm mildly T2 hyperintense area is seen in the anterior-inferior
cervix and appears to be confined within the cervix as there is a surrounding
T2 hypointense band of cervical stroma. This likely correlates with the recent
biopsy-proven squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix. There is no evidence of
parametrial, uterine, or vagina invasion. No abnormal lymphadenopathy is seen.
2. Additional findings compatible with a focal adenomyoma at the uterine


I can't interpret that for you but I hope all the best!



Yes, it basically means that they found a tumor in your cervix but not anywhere else, your lymphe nodes look clear, the tumor is small, and My guess is they will discuss either a radical trachelectomie or a radical hysterectomy with you.


With all things bad, this is good news. 

Hi update: I  saw  my oncologist today!!!  he's sending me to get a pet scan!!  he said there's an area in my cervix that still suspicious. I had cone biopsy last dec. 10 the pathology report I had 1.0mm squamous carcinoma but the margin came back clear. The suspicious area could be  inflammation from the recent surgery or maybe precancerous cell or possible cancer. Depending on what the pet scan's result if it comes back positive with cancer he will need to remove my cervix and if its negative then we watch and I can try to get pregnant!!  Im just happy that there's no cancer spread my lymph nodes are clear. everything is confined in the cervix. I hope petscan comes back clear so I can move on and  try to get pregnant!! Got very nervous when they saw adenomyoma in my uterus i thought its some type of cancer again phew!!  i guess its just another name for fibroid.. They saw  1 small one in my uterus he said its nothing!! Thank God... Im still blessed this is all caught early!!!

I had my pet scan amd the result is the samething with my MRI. I may still have cancer higher up in my cervix. I am booked for robotic radical trachelectomy and lymphadenectomy  :( and he will do a cerclage to preserve my fertility!!!  kinda scary how my cone was clear but cancer skip.. im glad that my gyno referred  me to oncologist and did all the imaging.  This could missed that i have anothe cancer growing inside me :( im sad that im gonna have this procedure but i am grateful that this caught early and can still  live a long life and possibly can have more kids!!