MRI Result = More Tests :(

Not a good day today.

Received a call from the hospital this morning asking me to go for an Examination Under Anaesthetic (EUA) on Friday and pre-surgery tests tomorrow. Unfortunately, the receptionist was super efficient and rang before my specialist nurse had contacted me to tell me what the MDT had discussed with respect to my MRI results so I had a tense hour or so wait until she called me.

Turns out that the MRI shows that I do have more lesions in my cervix but I’m still 1B1. They can’t see anything extending beyond the cervix and although I d have some enlarged pelvic lymph nodes, they can’t see anything there that causes them great concern at this point although they obviously won’t know for sure until they are removed and biopsied. Assuming that still happens.

The issue is that the lesion is close to the front edge of the cervix, which is the side where the bladder is. There is a concern that they might not be able to get a clear enough margin if they go ahead with the radical hysterectomy on 4 Dec as planned. If it’s too tight they’ll cancel surgery and treat me with radio/chemo instead. They want to have a proper rummage about and see what’s what, hence the EUA. Apparently they’ll tell me the treatment plan when I come round on Friday.

I keep telling myself that each step is a step towards recovery, but right now it seems like each time I think I understand where I am, another uncertainty comes along. I guess that’s just the way a complex diagnosis process works but it certainly doesn’t make things any easier, does it?

Oh Rosehip I’m so sorry you’re having such a cr@p time of it, seems so cruel and unfair.
I know it’s hard, but try and keep positive, the surgeons are just fabulous these days and they’re doing the right thing by doing the EUA rather than simply deciding you need chemo.
Whilst being outwardly positive, I was constantly terrified of what treatments I’d have to have, but I’m on the otherwise now and I can only wish I’d not worried so unnecessarily.
Nothing I say can change things, or make you feel better, but know you’ve heaps of support here, and like you say, each appointment you attend, each test you undergo, it’s all a step towards saying goodbye to the wretched cancer.
Hang in there honey. I’ll be hoping and praying you’ll only need surgery. X x X x X x

Sorry to hear all your uncertainty about which treatment you will be having Rosehip. :frowning: The waiting is the hardest isn’t it. Once they decide what is best for you I am sure you will hit it head on as always!
Best wishes for Friday and my fingers and toes are crossed for you

Thanks ladies - saw my GP today and saw that in the letter they sent her they said the new lesion measures 11x7mm (my LLETZ already removed a 9x6mm one) and that my grade was ‘1B1 ?2B1’ with so it must be right up to the edge of the cervix.

I’m now really expecting them to tell me that my plan is going to change to radiotherapy and lymph node removal. If that’s the case we’ll just have to get on with it - the main thing is to get clear of the cancer in the most effective way possible. Compared to being dead, side effects are no biggie, right? xxx

Exactly! You need the right treatment to get rid of the cancer once and for all - you will cope with whatever treatment you have to have, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can do this Rosehip!

Thinking of you & sending positive vibes & cyber hugs!

Keep up the PMA!

Lisa x x x

Hi Rosehip,
rubbish what you are going through - the uncertainty must be awful for you sweetheart but I’m here sending lots of positive vibes to you. When do you know what will be happening for sure and the staging etc? Do you know what though, if you do have to go through the chemo/rad then please be assured that its not too bad (eek!). I’m coping ok with it all. I speak to a lady on radio days who has the appointment slot before me and she had a hysterectomy back in July as a precaution but is now undergoing radio as they think something has been missed higher up the cervix - the cancer word has not been mentioned but to be going through this months later was a real shock not to mention how disruptive and her poor hubby is undergoing cancer treatment! I suppose what I’m saying is, maybe to go in with the big guns now, could actually provide better results long term and also minimise emotional effects? I know everyone copes soo differently but I think once you have your head round what will hapen next, all will fall in place. Who knows, they may still decide to operate on me post chemo/rads but hopefully not! Treatment plans just really seem to differ dont they but I really feel for you not knowing what will happen next. Have you had another appointment since your post?
Sorry I am having trouble following posts, so hope I haven’t missed an update from you.

Take care Rosehip and let us know whats happening when you can