MRI Post Treatment

I just finished up my MRI at the hospital and the scanxiety is real. I was due for an MRI at the behinning of December but our healthcare system has suffered so much that they scheduled me out to July 2023. I knew this was a problem so I called my oncologists to let them know and they agreed it was a mistake. Two weeks later I still hadnt had an appt scheduled for me. I called back and they all agreed that there was another mistake and my appointment never made it to the booking team. This was super frustrating. So now after almost 2 months of waiting, i finally got my MRI. My tumor grew fast before my treatment started and i was originally staged at 1b. Right before my surgery, they felt something and sent me for additional scans where they found that the tumor grew and i was then staged at 2b. I guess that im just nervous that this 2 months of waiting was detrimental to me and my health. Trying to stay positive and keep my head clear for the next 10 days of waiting for results.