MRI paraortic lymph node?

Hey guys,

I ve been diagnosed through biopsy and abdominal and pelvic MRI and today I’ve had the planning CT for radiotherapy. I’ve got node involvement in the pelvic area, but I was wonderibg if the paraortic lymph node is usually visible on MRI. The doctors have not requested a PET CT and if I want to have one it will delay my treatment and considering It s stage 3 I don’t wanna do that. Wondering about your experiences.



I have just finished treatment for stage 2b. I had pelvic mri and pet scan. I think that any suspicious lymph nodes show up as enlarged on the mri and the pet scan confirms if they are cancerous or not as lymph nodes can be enlarged for other reasons.
From what you are saying I presume the only enlarged lymph nodes on your mri are in the pelvic region and that’s what the doctors are going on…

Hope you get your start date soon if you have any other questions give me a shout.

Take care xx

Thank you, I think I understood it better now. I think that because I’ve had an abdominal MRI they will rely on that information.

Thank you so much!