MRI Inconclusive

Hi all,


I went to get the results for my post treatment MRI and it was unclear my consultant couldn't be sure I had no cancer left or wether it was scar tissue :-( I will now be having a PET scan just to check either way. My consultant did say he was quietly optimistic but right now I am not feeling like that. 


Has anyone else experienced this, I have spoken to my local support group and they advised this is common but am still worried.





Hi Laura

I’m afraid I can’t offer any advice, just a hug. I have also heard of scar tissue not being clear on a scan so fingers crossed its that.

Good luck for the pet scan xx

Thanks for your reply I'm glad you have heard the same thing to it really helps. Xx

Hi Laurann,

I'm not writing from personal experience but I've seen ladies on the forum have inconclusive results a few times too. Some had their MRIs much later as consultants want to avoid having the inconclusive result until scar tissue has reduced.

Best of luck with the PET scan, let us know how you get on.



From reading on here daily the past few months, I agree with the ladiescomments above, scar tissue seems to be a hindrance.  Fingers crossed for u x


Hi, my first MRI post treatment (28 ext rads, 5 chemo, 3 brachy) was inconclusive. I had a biopsy under general anaesthetic a week later  and that came back showing scar tissue only, negative for cancer. It was the most worrying week of the whole process, but I do believe it does happen quite a lot. Best wishes.

Thanks for the comments girls, I have my PET scan in the morning am so nervous just want it over with. 


Huge dollops of good luck for tomorrow xxx

fingers crossed

dons xxx

Hi Lauren, sorry, saw this post a bit late - how did your pet scan go? As you can see on my signature, I had the same thing happen..actually it happened twice!! but I am over 1 year all year :)