MRI done. Lletz next....

Hi ladies,

I had my MRI done today. I was a bit nervous but it was absolutley fine. I had a muscle relaxing injection first. They do this to stop the muscles in the pelvic area moving around. It wears off in around 20 minutes but I didn't feel anything in the pelvic area. It makes your throat a bit dry. The nurse said it might make your eye sight a bit blurry but this didn't happen to me. The scanner is a bit noisy but they give you headphones and ask what radio station you would like to listen to. Going through the scanner was fine and I was in there for around 20 minutes. 
My lletz is booked for next week as have severe dysaryosis. I guess they will give the results of the MRI to the consultant prior to the lletz but the MRI team wasn't sure. I'm still confused as to why I had to have an MRI at this stage as I've not had a biopsy taken yet. The consultant said I was having the Lletz prior to doing the colposcopy, then she did the colposcopy and also booked the MRI. Maybe I'm being silly but I can't help thinking they they already know my prognosis......
If anyone else has had their treatment in this order I'd be interested to know.
Tes xxx

Hi Tes, glad to hear your mri is out of the way and hoping the outcome will be a positive one. I cant really comment on the order things have been done for you but I can definatley relate to the feeling that the docs seem to know more than they are letting on, although this may just be all in our heads! My path has been a little different to yours and I had my second round of treatment this week with an extensive cone and top hat procedure after my first lletz failed to get everything out. When I go for appointments I have loads of questions in my head but when I am there it all seems to fall out of my head and its only later that I start to ponder about what is actually going on.

When I got my results from the initial letz it was put to me that the cin3 found was 'bad' and that I had had a close call, when my follow up showed it wasnt all gone the doc was adamant that the cells were from deep in the canal yet there was no mention of CGIN in my results but when I asked about glandular cell involvement he said there was, it wasnt until after I got home and started to take everything in  I felt like I wasnt really being given the full picture. I know my consultant is very experienced and in my area he is the one everybody raves over so I trust that he is managing my case correctly, but I had that nagging feeling that he was planning on being so extensive with the cone for reasons that he hasnt fully disclosed.

On wed when I had my pre op chat he said he wanted to discuss the results in person to work out the next step in my treatment plan, it was more his mannerism than what he actually said that made me feel he was talking like he was already planning further treatment, but I was too wigged out about the op that day to really question him about this.

My normal rational brain tells me that there would be no reason for them not to just tell me if they had already found cancer, even very early stages, and that if they had I WOULD have been told, but this disease seems to come with a free ticket for the crazy train where the rational brain fears to tread. I've been imagining all kinds and have to keep myself in check and my hubby has been fantastic and really supportive, all those nagging feelings are still there but I keep telling myself that there is no point worrying myself stupid until I actually know something.

One thing I have found so great about this forum is its one of the few places I feel able to talk about the possibility of having cancer openly (apart from with my hubby), with 'real world' friends it seems to go one of two ways  they either see me as a bit of a drama queen talking about my fear of cancer when so far all I have been diagnosed with is severely abnormal cells, or they react like its the end of the world. I find it difficult to relate how I am feeling to people who havent been through it or something similar, actually admitting to myself that I was scared I may have cancer was big step forward in me mentally and emotionally getting to grips with everything that is happening to me, I am normally the 'bottle it all up and breakdown six months later' kind of person and I think opening up about how I feel has done me the world of good. Sounds weird but I actually feel normal for feeling a little crazy at the moment. 

I will stop prattling on nowEmbarassed

Do keep us all up to date with how you are getting on

Hi Niki,

Thanks for replying.  Yes it's mad how your mind runs away with you isn't it.  Waiting for results is horrid!  How long did you have to wait for the results of your Lletz? 

It seems we are in the same position, waiting zzzzzzzz.  I feel the same as you, I don't want to make a big deal out of it as CC has not been diagnosed.  However, waiting for the outcome is driving me nuts!

Did you feel ok after the cone?  I have my fingers crossed for the results and that they got everything this time for you.  Keep me updated.

Tes xx




Hi Tess

I'm feeling remarkably good after the cone, now the effects of the anaesthetic has worn off just feeling a bit more tired than normal. After the first couple of days the pain and the bleeding has really subsided, all in all feeling much better than I expected to and finding it really hard to remember to take things easy. 

I think I am lucky that at my hospital the day after treatment they send you a letter with the date and time for a phone call from the lead nurse to tell you your results, the waiting game is still a nightmare but at least its not on the never never and you know exactly when you will find out. After my lletz I had a 6 week wait but ended up being only 5 as they had to change my appointment, absolutley sh** one when I got a letter saying they were bringing the appointment forward but turned out it was due to staffing levels and they would rather have given them to me a week early rather than later.

This time round things are a bit quicker, was told on the day of the op that they could take up to 4 weeks, but the consultant said if they came back quicker then somebody would ring me. Day after the op got a letter saying my results call would be 4th june, so only 2 weeks waiting. I spoke to the nurse today to sort out my follow up clinic appointment as it came through for 4 months instead of 4 weeks time and she didnt say anything about my results being back, so I'm figuring no news is good news! She cracks me up though, I think she has gotten so used to calming down stressed out women that her telephone voice is very calm and gentle and she always sounds like she is about to tell you somebody has just died, it used to freak me out but I have got used to it now and she is such a gem, I couldnt ask for better staff.

What day is your lletz

Hi Niki,

Oh cool, you dont have too long to wait now for your results.  I wish you luck.  It's great that they actually book in a call to give you your results.  I'd rather that than a letter and then you also know exactly when you are going to find out.  That did make me laugh about your nurses voice, but doesn't it make such a difference when the nurses / doctors are really lovely.  I had some not so good experiences with miserable doctors when I was younger but have to say, so far, everyone I have seen during this experience has been lovely.

My lletz is on Friday, eeek!  I just hope they also have the results of my MRI with them and that I can get a bit more info!  I'm boring myself now with thinking about it all, lol. xx