MRI & CT - hoping for shared experiences

Hi ladies,
I have 1A2 adenosquamous with LVSI that was removed with a cone biopsy. Especially because of LVSI, a radical hysterectomy is next. (Terrified of course, but what else is new when it comes to the C word and its treatment).

Before my RH, I’m having a pelvic MRI with IV contrast and an abdominal and pelvic CT with oral contrast. I’ve never had any scans aside from a regular x-ray and I’m hoping some might be willing to share their experiences or any advice to prep (mentally and/or physically). I’m nervous about the IV and possible side effects of the contrast agents. I’m also super nervous about what might show up on the scans. Sometimes its easier just hoping and praying that everything is clear rather than actually having to face testing that could show the total opposite.

I appreciate all of you and for those in the midst of your journeys or just starting, just know you aren’t alone and there are so many amazing women here who have bravely fought and overcome. <3