MRI confusion- help pls xx

Hi guys,
Hope you’re all well.
Going in to get start my fertility treatment tomorrow to hopefully get some eggs and embryos frozen as whatever treatment I get will render me infertile :frowning:
Anyhow, question for those of you who have been through this; I got my MRI this day last week a couple of hours after diagnosis in the original hospital I was seen in and the new hospital STILL has not received my results! I have spoken to my clinical nurse a few times to chase it up and she still has not received it. I am naturally concerned about how long it’s taking, what is the standard?
Also, I’ve said this on a few previous posts but the radiographer who did they MRI freaked the absolute crap out of me by looking all downcast and concerned and awkward after the MRI, I asked her had she seen my cancer cells and she nodded sadly and said “yes” and kept saying “you’ll be FINE, you’ll be FINE” and then told me about her mother in law who had CC and had been cured and I asked her had it spread to my uterus and she got really nervous and started fiddling with her paper and I was like “oh my God it has” and she was like “no no I don’t know, they have to look at it, I just take the pictures” and then I said I was scared and she said “I’ll pray for you” so I naturally think I am dead. And can you blame me? What is people’s honest opinions of this?
On clinical examination on Thurs my new consultant said 1b but they have to see the scans to be sure and I have yet to do a PET scan but he felt nothing untowards internally.
Why would she tell me she’d seen my cancer cells and then get all freaked and nervous? Which has, in turn, made me freaked and nervous. These people are meant to be professionals.
Honest opinions would be great girls, I don’t need sugar coating. It’s the NOT knowing that is scary, the knowing is dealable-with.
M xz

The general rule of thumb is to listen to what is being said and not to what is not being said. Some patients prefer their medics to be solemn and serious and some prefer their medics to be fun and funky. It is not the job of a medical professional to second-guess what kind of personality you would prefer to encounter and then try to act out that role for you.

It is extraordinarily unlikely that she was frightened in any way by what she saw, therefore I believe she was just being passive. Perhaps she was thinking about her own life and not yours.

Be lucky :-)

I find people who say 'I'll pray for you' use it like I would use 'fingers crossed' or 'good luck' Try not to read too much into that. If your consultant has said 1b on clinical exam that is what it is likely to be. They are not in the business of throwing around staging willy nilly to then find it is much worse later. If they were really unsure thyey would probably of said that they couldnt give you a stage yet.

When I was going through diagnosis I started off with the conviction that I had 6 months to live. This worked for me because with every subsequent result my imagined prognosis got better. So if you want think you have 6 months to live. Just think that and live your life accordingly. Then all news that comes your way can only be good. It all depends on your personality. I tend to go for worse case scenario so I can be pleasantly surprised! Others will go for hopeful best case scenario and then might get worse news than they were expecting. 

Hope that makes sense! 

Thanks Tivoli. You are an amazing source of common sense and wisdom. I was really floundering last night. I love the positivity of your posts and I am so grateful that you are still posting here with love and support for others considering that you have been well for so long. It is funny to think I'm unwell, I don't feel ill at all! I have trawled this site and get freaked out when people just stop posting. Chances are they are just moving on with their lives and putting cc behind them but I am so thankful that you keep an eye on us lost newly-diagnosed girls who can only see the blackness. Thank you xx

I am a worst-case scenario too 365, tried the 6 months to live thing today too. Could I ask a practical question; how do I put my staging as my signature like you and loads of the girls have?

Hi Maeve :-)

You're welcome! It's a very scary place to find oneself especially when one is a long way from English-speaking resources. I have a lot of time on my hands these days so it's no bother at all to try to help out when people are frightened. Certainly now that I know you are in Ireland puts a slightly different slant on your experiences. I would expect more solemnity and less fun-and-funkyness in Ireland, though perhaps I am making the mistake of falling into the stereotype trap :-)

Anyhow, to add a signature to the bottom of your post you will need to click on 'My Account' Top Left, and then 'Edit' and if you scroll down a little you will find a space for a signature.

Hope that helps :-)
Be lucky :-)

Hi maeve

i just wanted to say things will get better. I finished treatment (chemorad and brachy) two months ago and got the great news it had been successful yesterday. I was exactly the same as you.  I tried to read people and second guess everything as I found the lack of control unbearable. 


I am am a total control freak but I found trying to switch off a bit and accept the Unknown helped me a lot.  I focused on things I could control like my lifestyle and outlook and that helped me a lot.


this forum has helped me a lot and I just want to pay it forward and say this is the worst bit waiting for staging and treatment plan. Things do get better abs you can get through this.


please feel free to give me a shout