mri before brachytherapy



Just wondering if anyone can tell me if its normal to be sent for an mri before brachytherapy i have one chemo left and nine radio i thought you have one once all treatment is completed :/ 


thanks Diane xxx

Hi Diane,


Yes it's perfectly normal to have MRI before Brachytherapy, it's how they plan where to insert the rods. I had an MRI before all 3 of my brachy treatments, so don't worry!


Sue xxx

Hi Sue,


Thankyou very much for the quick reploy I was too scared to ask when they told me yesterday silly me.

Diane xxx


No problem, I also had a CT scan before each brachy as well so don't panic!! Surprised



oh that's good to know thanks again xxx

Hi ladies, 

Sorry if i jumped in I just want to ask if it is also normal to have MRI again 2 weeks before my chemorad treatment start? I will be having my first session of chemorad on the 26 of march, but neef to have MRI again i dont know if its normal .X 

Thanks and i appreciate Xx