MRI and ultrasound

So my MRI is tomorrow, but I have just found out I have an ultrasound on Tuesday. If I'm having an MRI beforehand why am I booked in for an ultrasound later? 

I feel very stupid asking this, perhaps it glaringly obvious, but I just don't know. 

Think it's standard procedure, I had both but the other way round, only cos it's when they could fit the appointments in. Ohhh, I didn't like the MRI, very noisy though you get headphones to put on. Wishing you all the best with both xx

Thank you :-) 

Wishing you the very best of luck for your whizz in the tumble dryer tomorrow :-)

Do please let us know how it goes, I'm rooting for you :-)

Be lucky :-)

So, it was noisier than I expected,but it was OK and sorta futuristic. I was a bit nervous when they strapped me in, but soon got used to it.

I have to wait a few days for the disgnosis. Waiting. Waiting is a killer. I tried to gleen sometching from the tired, sideways look the radiographer gave me afterwards, but that sorta thing leads to madness. I'll find out on Friday.

The radiographer had no clue why I'm booked in for an USS either. Said it didn't seem necessary after mri. Oh well. 

Last night I cried for the first time, too. It's dawnig on me that this will affect the rest of my life. 

That MRI is like being in the worst roadworks on the M6. I didnt ask the person who did mine, though he said oh we got some good pictures - was horrified and scuttled off, lol. I never understood why you have the ultrasound as well as the MRI, it's standard though. I got called back in for a treatment plan the day after the MDT meeting. 

You are at the worst point now waiting for staging, it does get better - sort of a new normal. I'm 7 months ahead of you, I can mostly put it to the back of mind, but get panicky when I'm due a check up. 

Please let us know how you get on and the very best of luck x

Thanks Helen! Nice to map my journey out with fellow cc folks. I'm glad to hear it gets easier, or more normal, with time. 

I didnt post at the time, really wish I had. I sort of just stalked the site while I was going through it. x

Yeah, going through this is made easier with this forum. It's a brilliant resource and support network. So glad you're all here x


I’ve just had MRI and US done last week and waiting for results. Somebody told me they give different data, can’t remember now exactly which one is which, but one gives data where the cancer is, and another what type of cells. So in order to make proper diagnosis they always need both tests done. Hope this helps and all the best!

Hi everyone, 


I'm new to this forum and have found it such a great support over the last few weeks. I was told today i have stage 1a1 CC. My consultant says there is no need for MRI and i just need to have a second LLETZ. Obviously this is as good as it can be and i'm so grateful but i am just wondering if anyone else has been advised this as being the best course of treatment, i guess i just worry it is worse than it actually is. 

I really hope everyone else is getting good news too :)


Hi Kate

Maybe start a new post in recently diagnosed then more people will see it.

Yes, if you're unfortunately diagnosed 1a is definitely the best. It's so small it needs a microscope to see it. Hopefully the Lletz will sort it out for good, though I guess they'll want to keep an eye on you.

Like I say, start a new post to make it more prominent. 

Wishing you the very best xx

Thanks so much Helen and wishing you all the best too xx 

Hi Katie I am in the same situation you were in back end of last year,

Abnormal smear, lletz for CIN3 then diagnosed with stage 1a1 cc, consultant said 2nd lletz was needed as wasnt clear margins from 1st one that revealed the cancer but have to wait 2 months to heal from 1st..Waiting is the hardest! They didnt mention anything about any scans or other test so just left hanging for two months thinking the worst.

What happened after your second lletz? I pray you have clear results!!

Hope you are fighting fit, lots of love x

Hi Hannah 

I’m in a similar situation to you. 

Initially diagnosed with 1B Villoglandular adenocarcinoma as there was a visible growth on my cervix (FIGO guidelines are any visible mass is staged 1B). However pathology state 1A stage, malignancy 2.5x5mm, no clear margins. High grade CGIN and CIN3 also present with no clear margins. I also had another growth removed with high grade CGIN and CIN3 from another area of my cervix.

I had MRI and CT scan (I think probably due to ?over stage). MDT meeting after this decided 2nd LLETZ to check margins. Because it’s an adenocarcinoma (glandular) it behaves slightly differently to squamous cell CC and can be multi focal and develop higher up in the cervix, I’ll have a hysterectomy. I’m lucky to have children and so am happy with this. However I believe if I didn’t have a family they would seek alternative fertility sparing options.

Repeat LLETZ Thursday. 

Good luck, hopefully clear margins for you after your next one xxxxx