MRI and CT scans

Hi all

Just a wee update,so I had my MRI and CT scans done today I was really scared about it and although I didn't like the MRI one it wasn't as bad as I thought the main thing is I got through it. So now just the PET scan tomorrow and then the MDT will meet this Thurs and decide what treatment I will be getting. The nurse said she will phone me after the meeting to update me on everything. 

Will keep u all posted. 

Nicola x 

I did have a lot of bleeding too, I also got tablets too which worked a treat. After the tablets I only bled a little then stopped. The last time I bled was roughly 2 weeks ago.

U will defo notice the difference with the tablets.

I hope u get them soon as it's not good bleeding,totally drains you.

Nicola x 

That's good u have them,they really do work though and I know exactly how u feel with it draining u,it's not nice. I was nearly passing out but they really did help. Hopefully it makes u feel a bit better hearing from someone whos had them. How r u sleeping? My doctor gave me sleeping tablets I've only took them twice as don't want to have to depend on them but my sleeping is terrible. Last week i didn't sleep for 48 hours. I'm off work at the moment so I'm trying to keep busy by still socialising which is helping tremendisly, it does keep ur mind off things. I don't know about u but I'm having really painful cramps and a sore back constantly,my doctor has given me painkillers but it only helps for a little. 

Hope the tablets work for u,I'm positive they will though.

Big hugs

Nicola x 

Big hugs to you and thinking of you xox

All scans completed,been a tough couple of days but I got through them.

Anyway the MDT met today and I got an update from the nurse,so a little good news the scans didn't show anything else up which is good. My PET scan seems to be ok but since it was only yesterday that I got it done it's not been looked at properly. So basically it's defo stage 2b,the tumour is too bulky to operate so the treatment plan that I mentioned in an earlier post will be the course of action. I've to go meet the specialists 2 weeks today to discuss everything from the tumour to the treatment. The nurse reckons I should start my treatment either the week of the 16th or the 23rd so I'm ready to fight this battle with everything I have and I know I'll kick its butt. 

Nicola x 

Hi Nicola,

I was a 2b with a  large, tenacious and awkwardly located tumour but here I am and 5 years lafter doing great and officially cured! 

glad to read you are ready for treatment and of course we are here if you need us.

Big hugs,




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Melanie, hi,

i was a 2b but adenocarcinoma which is apparently rarer than squamous. at the time of diagnostic we believed the tumour had been there for a few years...I was bleeding, was anaemic etc...however I had treatment and at the time was told we were going for a cure. 5 years later, I am still here, free from cancer and enjoying life! 

you don't have long to wait now for your treatment plan.

I know you will be worried tomorrow - I was and there was nothing anyone could tell me to stop me from worrying - but if you can take a positive thought with you, remember that there are many 2b survivors out there.

stay strong,


big hugs,





I understand Melanie. I had my moments as well and at times would feel extremely positive and other times would just panic as I was not sure if I was going to get rid of this tumour even though the oncologist had told me we were! 

For me, it was important to tell my close friends and family how I really felt and I think it also helped them to open up to me as they were just as scared as I was.

being able to talk, laugh, cry together helped us deal with the situation and helped us help each other if it makes sense.

Once treatment start you will start feeling a little more in control.

never lose sight that cervical cancer is curable. Mine was advanced but we got rid of it.


big hugs,




Hi Mel

My symptoms was bleeding,it happened after sex with my boyfriend and it didn't stop,I ended up going to the out of hours doctor as I was feeling very faint, he said he thought it was probably my period which I knew it wasn't. The bleeding continued so I went to see the doctor as I was going on holiday and didn't want to be bleeding she gave me the tablets and asked to see me straight away for a smear once I was back from holiday. During my smear I bleed very heavily I knew by the look on the doctors face there was something wrong although she didn't tell me anything so obviously the smear come back abnormal. But I was like u panicking how long it's been there as my last smear was 14 years ago. Try not to think about that too much though, I know it's hard to try and stay positive but we will all get through this. What's helped me is keeping busy and still doing the things I would normally do infact I've been getting out more and enjoying being around family and friends.

Naz that's fantastic, that gives me soo much hope and will do to others too,soo happy to hear such good news. 


Nicola x 

Hi all,

Just wanted to send you all positive vibes from Greece where I have just today had my CT scans. I was a 2b four years ago and have been free from disease ever since my treatment. Like Naz, I had adenocarcinoma, which is about 20% of cervical cancers, squamous cell makes up the majority of the remaining 80%.

Mel, most of us beat this and I am sure you will too.

Be lucky ;-)

Hi Mel

Not a problem and I agree with u about the forum. I've been reading a lot of the posts and it gives me the reassurance that this can be beaten. 

Tivoli that's brilliant to hear and gives us all hope, it's great that this forum is about as we all understand how each other is feeling. It's helped me lots and helped me stay positive. Hope ur having a great holiday. I plan on going on holiday next year with the girlies so that's something to look forward to.

So yeah thanks everyone for sharing ur stories and advice and support.


Tivoli, hi,

So happy for me. We knew it was going to be good news, didn't we but it is so nice to get it confirmed.

 I Shall be raising a glass of something very cold and fizzy to your good health this evening.

hope you have a great time at the wedding.


Big hugs,





Cheers honey :-)

Trying to convince myself that if I can live through cancer I can live through a huge Irish wedding but sometimes I get the wobbles about the latter ;-)