MRI after 6 months

Hi everyone,

I haven’t been on for a while. I was diagnosed in July with cc stage 1a1. My consultant said it was a tiny piece, 0.3mm by 0.2mm. I had a second loop and then had clear margins and the cancer was gone he said. I never had no MRI or anything. I was so relieved. Anyway went yesterday for my 4 month check up and he did a colposcopy and said he didn’t see anything that worried hi and he hadn’t got to cut anything away or take any biopsys, BUT he told me I had to have an MRI next month as it will have been 6 months since diagnosis and one next December which will be 18 months after diagnosis. I am now panicking as they didn’t feel the need to give me an MRI when I was originally diagnosed but have to do one now. I am panicking a bit. But he said it was standard practice and that he didn’t expect it to show anything. Should I be worried??

Sorry for the long post guys. Xxx

No need to worry. It is standard practice in some areas. I am very sure that you will soon have the peace of mind of a clear MRI xx

I've had every scan going! But I have advanced CC....I have my 1st review next week and I know a scan will follow it to see how my treatment has worked (it was good news last time!). They will be doing a scan as they can not see everything when they examine you and it is procedure it's just a back up to say yeah all clear.

Me personally would feel a lot better knowing I'm having this so that there is 100% proof that there is nothing.

Don't worry x

Thank you for replying. I guess I just thought it would all be over but I am very pleased they are making 100% sure. 

hope you get on ok Carmel121 xxx