Moving ovaries back after rad hyst?

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I have been a member on here since the begining of my story back in 2008! Just had to rejoin today as I forgot my username:-(

I had a rad hyst back in Nov 2008 and had my ovaries moved incase I needed radiation. I didn't thankfully and have had all clears since - though I should say - I have NEVER had a scan since. We are now looking to do a round of ICSI so we can start thinking about surrogacy as we don't have any children (I'm 34 now).

My consultant has never taken any notice of my concern about my ovaries and premature failure because they have been moved. When we went to see the Fertility Consultant I had a scan (vaginal and abdo ultrasound) and bloods. The consutlant couldn't find my ovaries on the vaginal scan! The abdo scan revealed that my ovaries are basically sitting around my belly button and are very small as the blood supply has been reduced to them. After a very tense two week wait, the bloods came back and my hormove levels are normal and my AMH is 13 which is below normal (15-35) but not bad at all. My ovaries are compromised and according to my consultant I am heading to menopause quickly. As a way of maximising my response to the ICSI, the consultant has recommended to my gyane surgeon that my ovaries are moved back to where they should be. This would make it easier to collect my eggs and also would mean that I would get longer out of my ovaries. I have an appointment next week.

I am wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience and if anyone has been succesful etc. Also to encourage you ladies to be proactive about demanding your hormone levels are checked! 

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Obs. given that I don't have a womb or the required ligaments anymore it figures that they can't go back to exactly where they used to be, but at least they would be closer to where they should be!

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Wow Nina - that's a new one on me. Amazing that they could do that for you. I wish you the very best of luck x