Moving forward

Saw my consultant for first follow up on weds.  All good, healing well with no sign of recurrence  (how he can really tell with a 5 second look up my foof, I'm not sure!) and next appt in 3 months with an MRI before I see him. Got some of my questions answered but did feel pressured to get out of there! Like many others, I also found out that my LLETZ got everything out, which is weird as by the time I got my diagnosis of cancer, I no longer had it! I am now feeling even more like I am coping very badly with the emotional side of things. Still not back at work, getting signed off for another 4 weeks, still have a moderate amount of wound and hip pain which won't help in my job. However, tomorrow I am starting on a 6 week stress management course through a cancer support centre, and am also on their waiting list for individual counselling. I'm also really recognising that I'm really not looking after myself, with a nearly 2 stone weight gain and letting my alcohol consumption get a little out of hand. So tomorrow I'm also starting a detox, cutting out sugars and alcohol for a few weeks. Really want to do some yoga but not sure the finances will stretch to it at mo. Also, I've signed up for a marathon length walk next year so that will encourage me to get out walking a bit more. 

Basically, I felt ready to start taking control of myself again. I feel this shouldn't have had this big of an impact in my life, but I've let it rule me. No more. I'll be honest, I still very much lack motivation to do all these things I've said, but I feel ready now to push myself, otherwise I think I'm going to face falling into full on depression. Thank you ladies for being a place of support, advice, information and friendship. It helps knowing I'm not alone xx

(Apologies for any typos, I smashed my tablet (oops) and struggle writing on my phone.)

Ah blackberry that is great news. Sorry you felt rushed and hope you got all the reassurance you need. Hurrah for not being defeated and coming back bigger, stronger, better!

Its not anything fancy but my local leisure centre runs yoga classes for £3/4, the best bit is laying still at the end consciously doing nothing for me! It is definitely worth the investment if you can stretch it

Big hugs (and one last glass of wine, to celebrate...)


There are also tons of free yoga tutorials on YouTube! All you need is a mat and a bit of space x

Hi Blackberry,

You might find that a bit of counselling turns things around for you - I certainly did. Just that little bit of extra push to make you realise that you are back on terra firma and that you can retake control of your life. Ask your CNS or Macmillan about it.

Be lucky :-)

Tivoli, I'm actually having my first counselling session this week, been on a waiting list for a while. Hoping it helps xx

Excellent! Sorry to hear that you've had to wait for it, I hope it turns out to be a good counsellor :-)

Be lucky :-)