Mothers with cancer

Was curious if any other women in here were diagnosed with cancer after having children? & how do you cope?

I had foul discharge and went to Drs and they found the cancer after a colposcopy . I have no idea if you have or haven't got cancer or if you have what stage it could be . You need to go to the Drs and tell them . I'm unsure of any other advice apart from get checked . ASAP xxx

You cannot possibly work out your own stage without seeing a doctor. I understand that you are nervous of doctors but we cannot help you here. So if you want help go to see your doctor.

Be lucky :-)

Such a lot of symptoms but like Tivoli says you can't possibly stage yourself and you need to see a doctor , I must say some of these symptoms relate to anxiety such as the diarrhoea , eating habits and nausea , you need to see a doctor get checked and find out what's what .  I have no tips on how to approach your doctor other than you just need to go in and tell him everything , and the doctor will take it from there . 


greeni xx 

the doctor will take it from there .