mother and daughter

I'm 60 and my daughter is 29 my smear test result came back colposcopy appointment,I had treatment 2008 and had yearly smears!  my daughter is having three month smears waiting for results Not sure what to say to her,need someone to talk to ?? 



all i can say is im 26 and have a rare form of cervical cancer, and all the way through scans and appointments all i have thought is be strong and dont let this beat me.


so just be positive and try and enjoy your time now and when results come back put all your energy into dealing with what ever the out come is.

my mum who is 54 fell to pieces and all i could say was i cant change anything, what will be will be but we can put up the biggest fight cancer has had to deal with


i know it will be hard but be positive and strong and we will all get through it together