More waiting....

So i went for what i thought was going to be a colposcopy, turns out it was just a consultation, 3 doctors had a look at my cervix and confirmed what the doctor said about there being something on my cervix but they don’t know what it is. So now they have referred me for a colposcopy as soon as possible. They kept saying over and over its probably due to infection, i had to tell then 3 times I’ve had all the swabs and they was all clear of infection!
I asked if it could be anything serious and the main consultant said she couldn’t say but not too worry as im still young and anything serious will be slow growing anyway??? When i was walking out she said I’m sorry we couldn’t be of any reassurance to you. They said if i was old enough for a smear then it would all be abit quicker.
I feel so deflated from this, i really thought i might get some answers today and now im left more confused than ever. Also still left dealing with all this horrid discharge and bleeding.
So yay more waiting for me.
Sorry just need to get it all of my chest as this forum has been so helpful these past few weeks.

Sorry you are feeling like this.  There is so much waiting involved in these processes and I think thats the hardest part.

Try and keep strong, keep busy and hopefully your appointment will come though soon

Thank you joS for your reply, im going to put it to the back of my mind until the next appointment because i find myself obssesing over it and its doing me no good. Xx