More waiting


I would be really grateful for some advise please or to know if there is anyone else in a similar situation.

I had an abnormal smear in February and was diagnosed with CIN3 and taken straight in for colposcopy and LLETZ treatment. I received a letter in the post advising that as well as CIN3, CGIN was also found and my case was sent to a MDT meeting.

It was decided at the meeting that I should have a further smear and coloposcopy in 6 months time.

I had this apt yesterday and having been advised that it was just a smear test, I was suprised for punch biopsies to also be carried out. The Dr also advised that the smear had to be taken from a lot higher than usual. I also noticed that a lot of photos were taken.

I was in a lot of pain and feeling faint so I didn't ask any questions. I'm wondering if I should expect more treatment?

As I said, I would be grateful for any advice!

Thank you :-)