More waiting thanks to lack of communication within the colposcopy department!!

Hi Ladies. 

Sorry this is more of a rant post than a question. I went in today for my Lletz treatment following my colposcopy at the beginning of December. As soon as I got there my doctor told me it was cin3 which was the first bit of information I've had. He then told me that as a nurse did my colposcopy last time he would have to check himself before treatment. Apparently after my colposcopy the nurse wrote in her notes that the area was large and close the vagina Wall so recommended general. 

After having a look the doctor decided that yes I would need the procedure under general and that now I need to wait for a pre op appointment in the post. I am so sick of waiting now and feel like today was a completely pointless appointment. I was in and out in under 5 minutes. 

If the nurse thought at my colposcopy that the Lletz would need to be done under general why did they bother even looking to see if it could be done under local. I understand that the doctor probably needed to double check but why didn't the doctor check at my colposcopy, or better didn't why didn't the doctor perform the colposcopy. He confirmed it isn't cancer which is definitely a good thing but I cannot wait for this all to be over at least for a little while and it's getting longer and longer as time goes on. 

Sorry for the rant I'm just very frustrated now :(

that is very annoying and frustrating!! really feel for you!! no efficiency in this case and the waiting times are bad enough as it is without this :( sending hug! xxx write a rant to the doctors, maybe they can speed things up for you xxx