More Side effects! Brown phlegm?

my mums been coughing up brown phlegm each morning. It’s been tailing off throughout the day but every morning there is some brown stuff there…

is this normal?

She’s aching a bit around her ribs too. her bowels have calmed down and so’s the itching…
seems like when one things sorted, another one pops along!

I would get her into the doctors as this doesn't sound normal to me - it's possibly something really simple and nothing to worry about. I've never had this and I've had chemo, radio and brachy the aching in the ribs I've had this it does calm down she may ache in other places too again I've had this and it soon goes. 

Her bdy has gone through a lot with the treatment and it seems that all the aches and pains want to come afterwards! Unforrtunitly some f the side effects she has had through treatment may rear there head again as they did with me but they soon went and now I am starting to get back to my old self