More mri scan

Been to the oncologist  wasnt very helpfull abiut all my pain and my legs said it might be arthritis  i was fine befour treatment now i cant work because of it so she says she will send ne for a mri and if nothing she doesnt know ive selfrefferd for some physio see if that helps and im going to go swimming everyday and see if that helps its so depressing leanne 

Hi leanne ,

I dont know if you have tried but why dont you try yoga. After treatment i had stiffness and pain at my legs. I really has difficulty during bending down and i even woke up at night because of pain in my legs. Once i started yoga it got better and better. You better start with hatha or yin yoga at the beginning,vinyasa will not be as comforting as hatha / yin yoga.

Hope this helps.

Thanktou i will try