More LLETZ treatment

Hey everyone,

i am 23 years old and  have had a few abnormal smears, last November I had to get the laser treatment done which just showed some changes in the cells.


i then had my 6 monthly smear again.. and it has shown more changes again and I am awaiting an appointment to go back to the colp clinic in 8 weeks time.


i am really worried the fact I have had the laser treatment before and now this has came back again, I do have a very weak immune system qith various  problems and I am just feeling so anxious about all this now. If someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.





Atleast they have the technology to help you with the situation.


I have just had the loop due to CIN3 and worrying about my results as been 3 weeks!!

how long did you wait for your results? 

I am worried I will have cancer as I left my smear test 5 years!