more im reading the more scared i am

My smear came back sin 3 Had cloposcope and loop 5 days ago having bad smell and and brown stuff coming and back and front pain a nice lady said it might b an infection so gonna go doc's but the more I'm ready a lot of people that had sin 3 found out from biopsy results that it was cc now I'm freaking out that I have and that its spread I no that I should not be silly but I am still got 3 weeks left to wait for results I hate the wait but as I said a lot of lady with sin 3 find out its cc I'm sorry to keep posting thing I'm just all over place x

Smear sin3

Cloposcopy and biopsy 1-7-15

Waiting results and sacred 




Hi there Claire , 

Had the same as yourself back in march CIN 3 . I also had the awful smell and was in pain also. Give your docs a call in the morning as advised, and you may need antibiotics. It's an awful time waiting for results but having been through it, try to relax a bit and take a breather. It's the most awful feeling being worried and anxious. I'm sure that all will be ok. I had CIN 3 diagnosed and feared the worst also.  Take it easy 

Abnormal smear nov 2014 severe dyskaryosis and high risk HPV 

Colposcopy dec 2014

LLETZ -march 2015

Results April confirmed CIN 3 - all removed no further disease found, clear margins  smear and test of cure September 2015 

i have CIN3 and am awaiting results - scared too :(