More High grade cells *updated*

I joined this forum last year after getting a high grade smear result, i  had a colposcopy followed by a lletz and that was around 6/7 months ago. I've just had a checkup smear which has shown high grade changes and HPV +  and am booked for a Colposcopy Monday. What a shock to do it all again, so, i am back here looking for a bit of support and trying not to worry myself too much.

Heidi xx

Hi Heidi,

So sorry to hear you still have abnormal cells. I think this is one of most womens worries. All I can say is good luck for your next colp & hopefully they'll get it all this time. 

Keep us posted



Hi there I have been in your situation so if you want to PM me you are more than welcome 

Best of luck 


Thanks for the replies :)

As i have high grade changes again is it likely to be because they didnt get it all when i had the lletz six months ago rather than new cells that have gone bad during the six months since the lletz? My colposcopy is in the morning at 10.40 and last time they couldnt do the lletz at the same time as i was too tense so i had to go back for a GA and do it that way, i would have hoped having me under would have given them ample chance to really get in there and do a good job so to speak? Its not much fun being a woman sometimes!!! Heidi

Ive just got home from having my Colposcopy and have to go in under GA for another lletz in four weeks, not what i wanted to hear but hopefully they will sort it out this time, Heidi