More happy survivors


I am trying to stay positive but i don't finde here many years survivors - clear survivors! Recurrence and other things i see :( why? if it is a treatable disease :( 


all my best to all of you!

diag 1b1/1b2 squamos cell carcinoma


up: radical laparoscopic hy


many of the survivors you are wishing to find have moved on with their lives and have no use for this forum anymore. Jos is here when we need it so a lot of the women who have been cured don't feel the need to be on the forum. There are many reasons why and one day you will find yourself not needing us anymore and will slowly drift of back to your life. 

I know you are early in this journey and are in total mind overload and that's ok but remember people who have gotten on from this don't tend to stick around. 

Try to smile at least once today. Close your eyes and pretend just for a minute you are somewhere special. 

Thank you !!!!! Thank youuu !!! I will smile every day, every single day, no metter what! 

My besttt!!!!

Thank you !!!!! Thank youuu !!! I will smile every day, every single day, no metter what! 

My besttt!!!!

As Lolli says,most of us are trying to get on with our lives now so dont come here very often. I pop in now and again to see how others are doing,or if I have a question. 

Jo's was a huge help to us when we needed them most,so please ask all the questions you like. theres always someone here to help you on this journey. 

take care x


lolli is right 

there are long term survivors out there they just move on with thier lives which is understanable really as im sure youll be the same 

you'll get the odd one come along and post but not very often

your a newbie and your doing exactly what everyone 1st diagnosed does have hope they are out there

im a recurrence lady so tend to post more on the living with advance cancer side i can assure you there are women on that side that are still here me being one of them


do what Lolli says smile every day  

onwards and upwards 

love michelle xx 


I am a survivor of 4 years 8 months, and very much looking forward to my final check up in January.
I would completely echo what the others have said- I don’t come on here very often any more, life takes over and I am no longer consumed by the fact I had cancer.
I understand completely how you feel though, I do remember the terror of being diagnosed like it was yesterday. I promise it gets easier, I never thought I’d get to this point, but here I am :slight_smile:

The survivors are out there, we are just enjoying living our lives :slight_smile:

Take care
Ali xx


i was diagnosed nov 15 after threatment I've popped on here over the last 18 months but like everyone says after initial treatment a lot of ladies don't need the forum anymore for different reasons, some want to move and try to forgot others are busy getting back to their normal lives, there's lots of reasons!! I love it when ladies who are survivors come on and up date as it gives a lot of hope to new ladies, but there are lots and lots of ladies surviving this cancer :) 

i found jos real to be such a huge support when I was first diagnosed there were days when I was so scared but coming on here and talking to other ladies was so reassuring!! 

and like Ali77 has said it definitely gets easier xx

My dear all,


I am so very grateful to finde jo's and all of you! I hope with all my heart to become a survivor and to be able to help others brave ladies! God and time will tell ! 

i quote on a very brave lady " something beautiful is happenig "

All the best to all of you ladies , brave ladies!