more confused than ever

had to see nurse for swabs who was unable to view my cervix as something in way she mentioned it could be prolapse.  Then gp came in and aslo couldnt view it so did an examination and refered me for USS.  which i had last thurs and got called into see gp who told me the uss showed a growth oncervixand would refer me under 2 week rules she said it could be fibroid or cancer and to prepare myself for needing time off work.  Had appointment this evening in colposcopy clinic and was seen by nurse practioner.  Who also struggled to find my cervix as somthing is obstructing view and said could be a prolapse.  i have to go back tomorrow to see consultant.  But really dont know if it is as something as simple as a prolapse but that seems to go against what my gp said and im certin they wouldnt have urgently refered me if they thought it was a prolapse.  I am also not sure she had even read the USS and to tp it all she called me by the wrong name twice which really anoyed my husband.  Also im havin loads of pain in my abdomen now.  So dont know what to think.

I'm sorry you're going through this.

I'm afraid I have no answers,  but it's good your appt with the consultant is tomorrow so there's very little waiting. 

Very poor that she called  you by the wrong name :(


I hope you get some answers tomorrow x

Thanks feeling much less confused now they have done another examination and booked in for MRI and back next week definatley not a prolapse there is something covering my cervix but need MRI to confirm if fibroid or cancer.  But either way need a hysterectomy. 

Glad you're a bit more in the know. 

I hope it's not cancer x