More bleeding and pain after sex- getting pee'd off!

Hi all,

The first time my husband and I had sex post surgery it ended with me in pure agony, bleeding and projectile vomiting followed by a visit to the out of hours GP- although the actual sex was great it was just after that was the problem. The next couple of times were fine then had a few more occasions where I had pain and bleeding. I should also mention my husband works abroad for long periods of time.
I saw my consultant for my 3 month check up in January and she cauterised some granulation tissue but no one could really say what was causing the pain.
Recently my husband came home, so we had sex which again was great but again I ended up on very severe pain after, unable to open my bladder or bowels although it felt like I needed to and yet again I was bleeding. It took me around 4 days to recover as my whole pelvic area feels so painful after. We tried again and it was fine so it seems a bit hit and miss. Without being crude, we’re not going full force at it and my husband is being very gentle with me.
Does anyone have any experience of this?? It’s driving me nuts and my poor hubby feels so guilty when it happens. I’ve spoken to my CNS and she wants me to see the consultant on Thursday. I know it’s never going to be quite the same as pre-op but really hoping it’s not something that is going to continue!!

Jade xx

Oh Jade, you poor thing. it does sound like getting it all checked out is the way to go.

good on you for trying to keep things going though. it's really not easy, is it?


Hiya Jade

I know exactly what you  are going through.  I find that if we have it more often then it does get slightly bettr...i know its a bit rude but i find if we have sex from behine, the angle is more comfortable for me...i would say play around with what angle is best for you.

I cant have normal missionary anymore because of the pain but we are gradually getting better xx

Thank you, actually doing the deed isn’t a problem. Occasionally there is a bit of discomfort if he goes to deep, it’s just after lol. So frustrating.
He works away for 8 weeks at a time, so maybe we’re not doing it frequently enough?!

Rosehip, it’s certainly not easy. I’m determined to solve this issue though!! How did your check up go? Xx


Sex life is really tricky now indeed … I have noticed that if we manage to keep it within “straight angle” - I am mostly ok, but sometimes it is difficult to manage "the process". The most upsetting thing is that during it I just keep worrying about bleeding and trying to estimate my chances rather than enjoying the thing itself :( Every time I bleed I feel upset and anxious and have to wait for couple of weeks to let it heal again… constantly feel broken down there…Went to GP once after the bleeding episode and he suggested taking antibiotics just in case … I am not sure if this is the option every time, or I will end up taking antibiotics non-stop… ech… enough of me moaning J Lots of hugs to you and all ladies going through same struggle xxxxx



It's really crap isn't it. I had my 6 month check up on 3rd April and discussed it at length again. Basically, she's never had anyone go back with what I'm describing and has no idea what is causing it. In the meantime she has suggested a vibrator while my husband is away to keep it 'open' and see what it's like next time he's home. My granulation tissue also hasn't healed so I need another cauterisation at some point to deal with the bleeding. Xx

Hi, I'm new to the forum, I had a radical trachelectomy on 11/02/14 and all ok on my last check up on 26/03/14, they said healing well and ok to start exercise and sex again. I have tried about 3 times and it has hurt and now I feel nervous to try and I fel like I have no sex drive. I feel sad and guilty, feel like letting partner down Had bit of bleeding afterwards too. I'm guessing it's all normal, just wish I could get my 'head' back to normal really. I have also had small strange pains, like sticthes or pressure in abdominal and where bladder is e.g. when going to toilet. I am seeing consultant again next week as need a bit of reassurance. Anyone else had odd twinges/pains, find it hard o describe and wondering if it's nothing or not. Also how have you felt mentally? Do you feel a different person or not the same as your peers etc, I'm 28 and the doctor advised me to start a family when I'm not ready. Most of my friend's hare lucky enough to only be worrying about affording a new dress, going out saturday night or dieting, none of these things really relate with me anymore, kind of feels weird in social situations now. I don't want to be centre of attention and have always asked people treat me normally and i guess they just don't know what to say if i do want to talk about it....sorry I'm normally very positive so don't want to come across as being moany, it's just getting tiring keeping a happy face all the time!!


2010- had bleeding after sex, had colposcopy (before my first smear), said there was borderline abnormal cells went back in 6 months, said all was fine and was discharged.

Oct 2013- went for smear test as normal, high grade dyskyosis, referred for colposcopy, said would need lletz treatment, and took biopsy

Dec 2013- Had lletz treatment

14/01/14 diagnosed cervical cancer 1b1

11/02/14 had lymph nodes, trachelectomy done

26/03/14 First check up, healing ok, all clear from cancer, on 3 monthly check ups and 6 monthly smears