more advice needed after transvignal scan

Hi ladies

Quick update… i was referred to rapid access clinic after having irregular bleeding, bleeding after intercourse and severe abdominal pain… i have been bleeding now for the past 14 days with pain to go with it. Norethisterone havent helped much with the bleeding…

Went yesterday to my appointment where the gynaecologist done a transvaginal ultrasound, pelvic examinaton and internal… he said everything looked normal but he could be wrong so he took a piece of skin away from my cervix and also took a biopsy further up into my cervix which was very very painful… i was just wondering if the results could come back with abnormalities even though he said everything looked normal??

Hi i am pleased you have been seen quickly, although you do fear the worst with a rapid referral. The internal US would have possibly picked up cysts, fibroids or polyps. I had a pelvic and abdominal US, which came back normal. My blood tests were all normal. If he couldn't see anything on examination, that is also good as they are pretty good at seeing abnormal cervix. Did he apply solution to detect any abnormal areas? Hopefully your biopsy results won't take too long x

Thank you for your reply. He didnt put any solution on my cervix no. He was pretty reassuring though which made me feel better. Slept like baby last night for the first time in 2 weeks. Just more waiting now then hopefully ill be able to move on and relax.

It's very normal to take a biopsy, even if they don't suspect any abnormality on inspection. I had a womb biopsy in the end, due to my cervix being fine. My womb was fine too. A full night's sleep helps so much, as it's so tiring when worrying and in between waits for results and procedures x

Something in my gut tells me theres something going on. I have really bad pelvic pain and is so so sore to touch. This has been going on for 14 days aswell as bleeding. Bleeding has eased a lot but the pain and tenderness is horrible. Ive never experienced it before x

Still waiting for my biopsy results. They said 10 days its been 8. Am getting so impatient now. I rang hospital yesterday but with no luck as they said they cannot give such results over the phone which i knew. I just wanted to know if the results were back. 

Still waiting on results of biopsys. Its been 3 weeks today so rang hospital  even though i knew they cant tell me anythin. Spoke to drs secretary who said someone tried to contact me 10 days after procedure. I had no missed calls or voicemails. So asked why no one has tried again for her to tell me letter got sent out yesterday one to me and one to my gp but she could not tell me anything else. Worrying loads once again now. 

Hey have you had your letter yet? 

Hi no still no letter. 7 days since they sent letter out. Am like a mad woman waiting for postman. If it doesnt come today am going to ring hospital back again.

Rang hospital because no letter came today. Am shocked at how theyve handled it. Was told today id missed an appointment in the outpatients clinic 10 days after my first app. I had no phonecall or letter regarding this appointment. I asked for a 2nd time why no one has been in touch still. She told me the results were in an she would print them out with my number attached for a nurse to call me back today or tomorrow morning as they are in clinic. 4 weeks this has been going on am really thinking of putting in a complaint. The dr told me if all was normal i would be told then referred straight back to my gp. So obviously something must not be right for me to get an app to the outpatients clinic. Sorry to rant but i am so angry xx