More abnormal cells after lletz

Hello everyone,

I'm a bit worried. My first smear (2012) showed mild changes, was then monitored for 2 years with several biopsies and the changes got worse to CIN3. Had quite a large chunk of my cervix removed in Nov 2014 and came back with clear margins.

I've just had my follow up smear (about 2 months late due to changing doctors as I moved house) which has again come back abnormal. I've got a colposcopy booked in for September and I'm just stressing about it!

To add to all of this, my periods went insane after treatment. At first really light but regular, then they inexplicably stopped completely for four months! Was testes for polycystic ovaries but nope! They have come back now, mostly normal but today I have started spotting which is not normal for me at all!

I know that stress can cause menstrual weirdness and it has been a stressful time - my sister has recently been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer so we are going through that... 

But my head is spinning now as I'm thinking that the cells previously got worse over quite a short period of time and what if they missed some and its now cancer??

Don't think my family can deal with any more right now.

Sorry for the big rant, thank you for listening xx

Wow you and your family really are going through it all. I really hope things start to look up for you and best of luck with the colposcopy let us know how you get on. Big hugs xxx

I really feel for you, it's horrible waiting for colposcopy and then waiting again for the results. It sounds like you and your family have such a lot to deal with. Will be thinking of you. Sending lots of lover and good luck xxxx

Hi Martha,

I am going through the same thing (with the exclusion of having to cope with a sister with cancer, I am so sorry to hear about that, how awful) and it has been really stressful. I had exactly the same worries as you. When I went for my colposcopy just under a week ago the nurse explained that some residual cells can sometimes be left around the wound site even with clear margins. She said that where I have healed some damaged cells have lapped over the edges, but they are very few and far between. I was sent away after 3 biopsies and told if they do come back severe as my smear suggested, I will need a LLETZ under GA because I have a very short cervix now. They took a whopping chunk last time and I have also had weird periods, much thinner and darker than previously, and they take much longer to arrive when I start my pill break. Trying to be positive but the thought of another LLETZ under GA is not a pleasant prospect. She was very reassuring and did not think it would be any worse than CIN3. I will post again when I get the biopsy results back and let you know. There are quite a few cases like us, so try not to worry too much, I think it is a bit more common than I imagined x x

I had an abnormal smear 6 months after lletz for 1a1 cancer. I went for a colposcopy and he couldn't see anything so did a biopsy. All came back OK.  Just had follow up smear and all clear.