Moon face

Hi Ladies,

I finished 5 x chemotherapy and 25 x radiotherapy last Friday with brachytherapy booked in for next week and thankfully don’t have many side effects remaining apart from a few urinary & bowel issues. However the main thing that’s bothering me just now is the ‘moon face’ which I can only assume is from taking the dexamethasone steroids. I feel like I don’t even recognise myself in the mirror right now and it’s starting to have a big impact on my self confidence! Has anyone else had this during/after treatment? Is there anything that can help reduce this or will it go away on its own? X

Hi @Ndx the moon face is from the steroids and will go back to normal over time. Reducing ur salt intake will help. I was taking steroids from October to January and was quite swollen by the end of it, but back to normal now.