Monthly audit meeting to discuss results?

Hi, I'm 24 years old and have 2 boys aged 2 and 4.

i had my first smear in May and results came back as cin1 and hpv+, I was referred for a colposcopy on 2nd June and the nurse looked shocked and said just by looking at my cervix, she can tell its at least cin3, she said she would have to take a few biopsys and done cone by lletz as well as a few punch biopsys.

i recieved a letter in the post confiming cin3 but said there were "other results found within the biopsys" and that they are taking my case to a monthly audit meeting to discuss my results and any if any further treatment may be needed. 

has anyone else ever recieved a letter similar to this? And what was the outcome? just wondering why they need to discuss my case and why they haven't told me what they've found ect, and I'm worried like mad.

the meeting was held yesterday (13th july) and i suspect I will receive a letter in the post over next few days with appointment on to go in and find out, but the waiting is killing me.

thanks in advance for any replies and sorry if this doesn't make sense x