Moderately differentiated

I’m not newly diagnosed but I didn’t know where to post this question.
I’ve got some paperwork from the Dr today and it states that I have moderately differentiated cancer of the cervix.
I can’t find anything that explains what it means. I can ask my consultant when I see her but it’s not for 4 more weeks.
I know it doesn’t matter really but I’m interested to know.
Does anyone know on here?

Hi Phileepa

My understanding is that it it the grading of the tumor. Moderate means grade 2 I think. I was poorly differentiated grade 3 and was told it was aggressive. I think that's what it means. Love lea x



Thank you,  I Googled again and that's what it said. There were other things on the papers that I didn't know.  I'm not even going to look them up because I've had my treatment now and what will be will be. I don't want to start scaring myself! 

 Hi Philleepa I believe its what IBooker said how aggressive your CC is but if your worried phone your GP and get them to explain it. What was put on your paperwork will be your initial diagnosis before your treatment. When do you get your results? xx

I'm not looking at it anymore kumagill, I've had my treatment so really whatever is written isnt relevant any more. If I read something bad it'll only worry me. I accept that the Dr's have given me the best treatment to try to cure me so I'm putting my hope and trust in them. I did read that there was one lymph node involved so that has bade me feel better as I had it in my head there were a few.

I've an appointment at the end of march but I think that's just to see how I'm healing and then I presume I will have my results at the end of may. It can't come soon enough. 

I'm telling my family and friends June though - I figure the worry will be less as they won't start worrying until later if it's good news then I can tell them earlier but if not I can digest it myself before having to tell anyone  x 

Hopefully it'll be good news.  This year had not been kind so far

Apparently grading isn't as much of an issue with cervical as it is other cancers...

Hi Philleepa the letters you get would have you rocking in a corner if you let it. I received a letter from my Consultant last week he CC'd me when he was writing to my local doctor with an update. It said that my tumour had grown up to my Sigmoid (Large Intestine) with no space in between I can tell you he really cheered me up that day lol I have asked them not to send me any more he can send me an Easter card if he wants. I still havent heard when my Picc will be fitted I bet they have forgotten and the Porter will fit it in his lunch break. My journey has been a real calamity I feel like calamity Jane if i didnt laugh i would cry and not stop. xxx

Yes I agree.... a lot of women no what stage they are but they don't know the grading of their tumor... why is it that? My decision to have further treatment was to the fact I was told it was rare and aggressive. Even though I'd had a radical hysterectomy I wanted to make sure id given my body the best chance of it never reoccurring so opted for radiotherapy xx

Hi Philleepa,

I am 2b cc because the surgeon cut my tumour in half during my hysterectomy so was staged off what was left therefore it was double the size before surgery....(cancer wasn't diagnosed until 4 wks after surgery). I was sent a letter from a consultant stating 'Poorly Differentiated' & asked my Oncologist at a review 1 day what it meant & was told it meant the most aggressive so not a good day that day but at least asking the question gave me chance to get my head around it. This niggles in the back of my head that it could spread during the 3 months wait but we could make ourselves go mad thinking 'what ifs' so I decided after that day to not delve deeper & just go with the flow & trust in the treatment I was receiving. 

You & I have both finished our treatment so we are now just waiting for the words we want & need to hear, I wholeheartedly hope that we both get that news & can begin to move on from this chapter. 

Hope you are keeping well & side effects are starting to wear off now.

Take care


THanks everyone x 

Designerflo,  there's so much for us to take in isn't there, I think we're better off not knowing.  This waiting malarkey is rubbish isn't it. I'm consoling myself with the fact that I'm not bleeding and my back isn't  hurting any more so I know it must have shrunk. Has anything like this happened to you. I'm trying to get my diet on track to involve cancer fighting food. I could be eating better than I am though. I've been told cancer can't grow in an alkaline environment so I'm adding a slice of lemon to my water.  I don't know if it's doing anything but at least I feel Im doing something. 

I'm also putting trust in everyone who has said the treatment carries on working after it finishes so hopefully neither of ours will be spreading. Have you got your next appointment date yer? Mines end of march. I'm also going to start using the dilator this week. Hmmmmmm.

My side effects are virtually none bowel issue isn't really an issue, I just need to go more urgently than before and I'm tired in the evening. Today I have been for an 8k walk with the dog tgen came home and cleaned. I am worn out now. 

The other thing is I still have a feeling of something in my throat. I've been to the gp who was brilliant and referred me to an ear, nose and throat specialist.  Obviously I'm thinking it's cancer that has spread into my throat but I'm trying not to panic. They also did blood tests. I don't think there was anything shown up but I have to go back for more in a month. I think they were checking thyroid function and also fir anaemia.  I expect my white blood cell count will be high due to treatment.  

How are you doing?

Hi Philleepa :-)

Not sure if it was a typo but you said " I've been told cancer can't grow in an alkaline environment so I'm adding a slice of lemon to my water."

Lemon is acid so is the exact opposite.

Be lucky :-)

Hi tivoli,  

Yes that's what I thought but apparently once it's in your body it turns alkaline. Can't remember what the process is called though. 

You never know if what you are doing is right. My friend had a brain tumour a couple of years ago, thankfully it was able to be removed and nothing had spread. Him and his wife looked into how to keep healthy and this was one of the things. Also other things like nuts, ginger, tumeric - all the things I don't like.

Sugar is a big no no apparently but I love my sugar. I am cutting down and I no longer have it in my coffee but I do have it on my porridge and weetabix. 

It probably makes no difference but at least I feel as if I'm doing something pro active 

Well how weird! I never knew that! :-)
Sorry that you don't like nuts, ginger or turmeric and that you are fond of sugar, in that way we are polar opposites :-)

Be lucky :-)