Moderate smear test result

Hi everyone I got my first abnormal smear the results came back moderate. I have to go for further investigation on 20th March which im upto high doh about. 

My question is has anyone had a moderate result gone for for further investigation and had a clear result. Thanks 

Hello. I once had a moderate result from a smear which after treatment turned out to be cin1, which they usually leave and monitor. My advice is to ask for a biopsy and wait for the results rather than agree to treatment straightaway. The Colposcopy exam is nothing to worry about. Good luck.

Thanks old hand for replying I really appreciate it as im having a tough time getting my head round I need to do this. Im really frightened about getting biopsy and the thought that I might then need to go back again for a treatment x 

Hi Ger, you should listen to your gynae advice when you have the colposcopy. He will have seen 1000s of cervixes before so he/she will be able to see if it  needs treatment or not. During my first colposcopy my gynae said it did not look great so best if he did Lletz there and was a shock for me (i am super healthy and in long time marriage) but of course i agreed as i did not want to come back again. The biopsy confirmed it was cin3. Best to deal with it early, as i would much rather have lletz/punch biopsy done than having something more serious... Good luck, it will be ok :)