Moderate Dyskaryosis

Hi Everyone! Been reading lots of posts on here and everyone seems so nice! 

Got my smear results on 14th July it said abnormalaties and i have been referred for colposcopy and it could take 8 weeks!

The next day 15th July letter with colposcopy appt for 27th July so glad its soon but now im soooo stressed out I have 2 young children 1 and 3 years old and cant wait for this appt but feels like every day is dragging in! I phoned gp earlier to see if they know anything from smear and she said it says moderate dyskaryosis! Googled it and it says it will more than likely be cin 2 i just hate the not knowing and waiting for appts and results! Anyone else in the same boat? 

Hi Ashleigh! 


Glad you found Jo's, it's really the best place for all these questions and it definitely does make you feel a bit more at ease knowing we're all going through/have been through similar things. 

I had pretty much exactly your situation: smear in April came back as high grade (moderate) dyskaryosis. I got my results and colposcopy appointment in the same post, so immediately accepted my fate (basically decided it was terminal and I would cop it pretty soon). Colposcopy was just a slightly more in depth smear with some magnifying binoculars and lamp. The consultant estimated my abnormality as mild over moderate, so opted to just take a couple of punch biopsies rather than LLETZ. It took 3 weeks for the results to come through, they showed CIN2. So, back for LLETZ - you've probably read about this by now, but it's just a larger biopsy that aims to remove the area of abnormality  - really not a bad experience. I didn't find it painful or uncomfortable, but we are all different! After that, basically it took exactly 4 weeks to go back to normal and I got a letter confirming removal of all abnormal cells, which again were CIN2 only. 

As you've said, the not knowing is the worst bit by a long shot. I actually was fine once I went for colposcopy! Anyway, hope your experience is as straightforward as mine. 

Emma X