(moderate)dyskaryosis hpv postive help?!!

Hello I've received my 2nd smear back this morning my first one when I was 25 was normal I'm now 27. Its came back hpv postive and says high grade ( moderate) sending for a coloscpy.  I'm so scared I cant stop crying and shaking.  Has anyone been threw this ? I've got a 5 year old on my own and cant tall to any one xxxxx

It's very scary isn't it. I can't stop you worrying but having been through something similar I hope I can help you gain some perspective.

When they look at abnormal cells from your smear, cells can be graded borderline, low grade or high grade. The moderate bit refers to how many cells in the sample appear to be affected. It is only an estimate because the cells have been removed from the cervix.

When you go for your colposcopy, they use a speculum exactly like for your smear but use a camera/microscope to view the cervix in detail. This does not go inside you. They paint a substance onto the cervix so that the abnormal cells show up white. They can tell from this what area and thickness of your cervix is affected. They have two options either to treat and remove the cells there and then or to take a biopsy where they remove a tiny bit and send it to the lab for testing. They can look at the cells in the lab and grade them accurately.

Because of your young age they are more likely to biopsy than to treat straight away.

Because you had a normal smear 2 years previously, it is extremely unlikely that the cells are cancerous.

I would recommend educating yourself by reading the information pages on this website, writing down all the questions you need answering before your appointment and taking someone with you for support.

I have been through all of this recently - as have lots of us on this Forum - so please ask us any questions you need to.


Hi and welcome to the group,

Firstly do not worry, I know it is much easier said than done but at this stage do not worry. Do not go searhcing the ninternet as you will find allsorts, most which do not relate to you. Stay on this site and ask any questions you like.

The colposopy is fine and doesnt hurt. 


Hello :) 

ii had this try not to worry. Ii went colposcopy and they removed it all successfully .then repeat smear after 6 months and the hvp has gone and was all clear. Try be positive. Ii no it’s hard and scary. Ii also was petrified.for months. 

Here if u need to chat :) xx



I'm in the same situation - age, results, everything. 

Have literally not slept since I got the results and I found out today there's a 3-4 month waitlist for a colposcopy. Literally cannot deal with the worry/stress for that long!!!

Hi everyone,

I've recently been diagnosed with precancerous cells - Level 3 which means, best way to prevent from converting to cancer is to shave off 1 cm from my Cervix. Ofcourse, this leads to future complications like pre-mature birth! They say it like its not a big deal but it damn is! What drives me insane about the health system is how badly this or any other feminine diseases are diganosed..

Smear test is the only way to track cell changes, they say its a 'slow progress' but like other women on this platform, it came on pretty quick and as for me, within a year from my last result where nothing from Grade 1 to 2 were ever detected. Isn't it crazy that they still recommend to do the test every 3 years even if it can progress much sooner than that? Shouldn't these test be mandatory every year? 

Don't you want to see a reform in this regard? Tech has advanced so much. Wouldn't it be better to have some kind of device at home where you can test HPV or Smear test on your own and keep a record of results digitally? I mean seriously, we still get reminders to do smears via mail!!! No wonder there's so many women been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Question to you ladies, what would be ideal in this situation? What's one thing you wish you had access to in this whole process?

Although it doesn't feel like it when you are down the rabbit hole we are all on here down, but cervical cancer is actually quite rare.

Things I would like to see

Home testing trials having been done sooner. It has been standard in other countries for some time. This would encourage more women to be screened.

Lab capacity increased so that women were not having to wait weeks for results causing great anxiety - both for screening and biopsies 

An acknowledgement of the psychological and emotional effects of treatment and help for women suffering in this way.

Despite my own health anxiety which makes me have to fight the urge to want to be screened for everything every week, the three year time period is based on good science. As i understand it, countries that screen yearly do not have a lower rate of cc.