Moderate dyskaryosis confusion

So I have just had my third colposcopy, 3 years of HPV high risk.
This time they took a smear and a biopsy.
Smear has shown moderate dyskaryosis and high HPV.
Biopsy showed no evidence of CIN
Next I have to have a LLETZ.
I’m a little confused by what this all actually means, I understand the treatment but not the diagnosis.
Any reassurance would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to start Googling everything in sight and making myself sick with worry.?

Hi @Waterdragon12

As they took a smear at the same time as the biopsy and moderate dyskaryosis is generally an indication that CIN2 is present however with no CIN found, rather than a treatment it could be that the LLETZ is being offered as more as a precautionary measure… since there has been moderate abnormalities detected they may just be being extra vigilant xx

Thank you for your reply. I was a little confused with their wording.
Also it says during colposcopy strophic changes. And one area at 4 o’clock showed mild changes.
Is that anything to be concerned about. The rest i already said.
Thank you, you were very helpful.

Im not sure ive heard of or came across the term strophic changes before so im not really sure what that would mean… mild changes would usually inficate CIN1, but as they are performing a LLETZ i wouldnt be too concerned as it is going to be removed xx

Sorry I meant atrophic

Oh in that case you shouldnt worry lol atrophic changes refers to inflammation as a result of tissue thinning due to lack of estrogen, its fairly common and completely benign

This may be why your smear showed moderate dyskaryosis as it can mimic a high grade lesion, it has no link but its important to rule it out


Thank you I am of that age.