Moderate dyskaryosis/ Colposcopy

I feel so alone and scared as my doctors been have been no help whatsoever. The appointment date said between 4-6 months, this pacified me due to the long wait. I rang the helpline for the second time and they advised me this is unusual for a moderate dyskaryosis.

I then rang the hospital directly that said they received an urgent referral on the 22nd of december. My smear was on the 20th of November and I only received this news on newyears day. I have been run down for about 2 months now on and off. Started taking all the supplements to build the immune system online ahcc, vit c, zinc, folic acid, green tea supplements, b12. Then a few days ago I got sick again with a sore throat and out of nowhere I think some warts have appeared. I have an appointment with my doctors tomorrow morning. I think it's ridiculous that you are left with this awful news and it seems nobody can help.

Has this happened to anyone else?

The waiting is horrible.

I had smear end November then received results 3rd Jan, and following day my appointment for colposcopy arrived which is 22nd Jan.

Hope you get your appointment soon x