moderate dyskaryosis chronic inflammation

hello to all the ladies .today i went to my  appointment for my smear test and punch biopsy result ...the nurse have said who i do have a moderate dyskaryosis ..i asked to her if there is a reason to get an abnormal cell and chronic inflamation .she said its a virus and you can get it by sex it true ? i have read on internet .who is consider as a pre cancer ...because i m not an expert and i m a little worry , can anyone tell me and explain how is caused ?can be by se rapport , contraceptive pill ? or i dont know ...

thanks for reading . 

big hug to all the ladies and sorry to bothering you all ..

bye sabrina 

Hi Sabrina,

Yes it is true the abnormal cells are caused By a virus called HPV. You get this virus by having sex, it is a very common virus and most people will come into contact with it at some point but most peoples immune systems clears the virus before it causes any problems.

Unfortunatley this doesn't always happen and this is when we get the abnormal cells these have to be removed to make sure they dont go on to become cancerous. There is some evidence to suggest the using the contraceptive pill for more the 5 years can help cause it aswell but using the pill alone will not have caused the abnormal cells it will be HPV.

Hope this helps

hi Simone22 ,thank you so much . is one year i have heavy bleeding and pain after having sex .i do take contraceptive pill .without break .form years now .but my problem started 1 year ago ...hope all it s gonna be fine ,even if im pretty sure it will .:) thank you for taking your time to reply to me .have a blessed day