Moderate abnormal smear first one at age 25


On Friday I recieved the results of my first smear test saying I have moderatdyskaroris and need a colpscopy. Im so scared and cannot stop crying. I know in most cases this is treatable but just keep thinking the worst like not being able to have Children ect. Has anyone else has any experiences that can give me positive thoughts. 

Hi Danni, I tried to reply last night but I was on my phone and couldn't figure it out! I completely understand how you feel - exactly the same thing happened to me. It's totally normal to be shocked, and scared, and imagine the worst - it's hard not to when everyone assures you things will come back fine, it's so unlikely someone our age will have an abnormal result it's not worth worrying about, and even if it's not normal it's treatable etc...

All that talk is well and good but at the end of the day it DOES happen to young women, and it IS the scariest thing - something you have no knowledge of and that presents no symptoms can be threatening your life and theres pretty much nothing you can do about it - this is not my idea of fun! 

Its nigh on impossible to get yourself out of the what if spiral until after your colposcopy as then you'll have more informaton and a clearer picture (literally, if you go to a hopsital who puts your cervix up on the screen for you lol) of what you're dealing with. But I found puzzles more than tv and films helped me zone out and keep me sane (my mind wandered while watching telly, its hard for it to wander when you're trying to figure out where to put a 4... lol)

You haven't said if you've had a colposcopy appointment through yet - it's easier to get through when you have a date in mind (I had a week between results and appointment, given it was possible the worst week of my life, I didn't eat, I barely slept, and I definitley didnt get much work done at work!).

The appointment itself is fine, I won't say not to worry because you will and that's normal, but if you want an idea of what to expect, take a look back over some of my old posts. Generally speaking it's a long smear test (although in a ncie comfy chair rather than just on the nurses table lol) some solutions are put on your cervix and the colposcopist takes a look through a big microscope (the only thing inside you is the speculum (eugh!) and the stuff they use to put the solution on) then, depending on what they see, they'll treat you there or take a biopsy to get more info. If you do get treated there and then it's really quick - 5 minutes for the anaesthetic to work and then literally two minutes for the LEETZ to be done - you might feel some pressure, or something happening (I always liken it to twisting studs around in your ears - you know something is happening but it doesnt hurt). Then you get as long as you need to recover, a drink ( Ihad a very milky very sugary tea, I was shaking like a leaf!) and a quick chat explaining aftercare and when to expect results.

I've waffled loads and I have to go to work now, but if you have any questions or just want to chat PM me and I'll get back to you :) (I usually check the forum from work :) ) 

I'm currently waiting for my 6 month check up, but my results came back confirmed CIN2. Most people who get a moderate dysk. reading from thier smear do only have CIN2, and (I know I hate it when people talk about chances) the chances of it being anything more are really really small, and even if it is something bad it has been caught SO early and you're in the system and being looked after. x  x x x x 

Oh my god that message was HUGE!!! Sorry!!! x

Hi ladies,  Dannii888 I cant really say much more than Becky, she has covered all the bases! It is a horrible situation to be in, I have found through all of this its the not knowing, but one thing I will say is don't be scared to ask qestions, if the nurese, doctor, consultant says someting and you aren't sure ask! It does help to understand everything, with that said dont google it! As hard as it is stay away from Dr Google, Jos is the best place to come.

My treatment was a bit different, my letter just said that some abnormalities were found and I was called for coposcopy a week later, after a wee look the nurse wasnt happy to carry out LLETZ as the area affected was quite large, so me being me paniced, all this meant was I came back and had the procedure under GA. But again this wasnt a problem, I got the results back and the CIN3 had been removed, and now I am 6 months down the line waiting for the results of my check up smear.

Like Becky says the best thing to do is try and take your mind off it, maybe take someone with you to the appointment, I even took a notebook and pen so I could write down the stuff, its a lot of info to get and your heads not really listening. Importantly if you have the LLETZ there or under GA look after yourself afterwards, I had a lunge related incident at the gym which wasn't pleasent!!

Sorry for waffling, just wanted to let you know we are here. Let us know how it goes




Ah yes, definitely take someone with you if you can! My mum came with me (I think during the procedure she was worse than I was, I spent most of the time going 'why do you look so green? It's ok, it really doesnt hurt or anything' haha I like that though, it gave me something else to focus on apart from what was happening. 

MIlkbottles also right about taking care of yourself afterwards! Definitely take it easy - I had a jobbing up stairs incident that makes me slightly anxious even now lol. I guess it's just like when you pull a muscle in your back or across your ribs and you never really realise how much you use that muscle until it hurts... I didnt realise trotting up the stairs could affect your cervix! If there was ever an excuse for the lift I thnk that's it! x

Hey Dannii

I can only echo what the other ladies have said!

Every experience is different, and you’ll see that on this forum. However, for me the absolute worst thing about this whole situation was…the worry, anxiety and waiting for results, not the actual procedures.

I’d like to share my experiences in the hope that it will help reassure you. )Warning: very long posting ahead for which I apologise in advance!).

When I got my letter saying I had an abnormal smear result, I went to pieces. For a week after, I was in the grip of total anxiety. Sleepless nights, on the verge of a panic attack, loss of appetite…the lot. Naturally, I googled it and freaked myself out even more! Then I found Jo’s, and calmed down a bit. You’ll see from my first post just how scared I was – and I don’t think there’s a woman on here who will say differently. To make it worse, the letter I received had no grading on it so I was clueless as to whether my abnormality was mild, moderate or severe. In hindsight, I’d have called the clinic to find out, but I wasn’t thinking straight at the time.

Fast forward to my colposcopy (didn’t feel fast forward at the time, my original appointment letter got sent to the wrong address!), and the nursing team who looked after me could have not have been more supportive or understanding. Before it took place, I had a chat with the Sister doing the colp, and she explained my abnormality was mild and what that meant. She was so lovely that I almost forgot to be nervous! The actual colp was totally fine. It felt like a slightly longer smear. Biopsies were taken and I didn’t feel a thing.

Another long wait, and I got a letter saying CIN2 was found and I’d need to go for a LLETZ. I was pretty gutted – I’d sort of kidded myself that as my abnormality was mild, I wouldn’t need treatment! Then I had a stern word with myself: CIN2 meant it wasn’t cancer and could easily be treated. Plus, I’d much rather they removed the bad cells and not wait to see what would happen.

I’d read quite a few horror stories on the forums about the LLETZ, mostly about bad after-effects. Again, everyone is different, but for me, I can honestly say it was all fine. The procedure itself was fast, I hardly felt anything, few cramps after and a strange charcoal discharge for a week…and then nothing. It will have been four weeks tomorrow since I had it done and I think I’ve healed (I say this because I was a bit naughty and had sex at the weekend for the first time since the procedure – sorry for TMI! – and it was totally painless. But don’t follow my example in this – really should have waited for the full four weeks!)

As for the results, well, this weekend I got the letter I’d been hoping for – CIN2 all cleared, go for a smear in six months’ time! I’m so relieved.

Yes, I know that come July, the anxiety will creep back in, but there’s nothing I can do to control it. And after an anxious few months, I’ve determined that I never want to be that way again if I can possibly help it.

Sorry for the rambling tale! I guess I just wanted you to know that the vast majority of experiences turn out like this. You will read some experiences on here that may worry you. However, women posting here have had unfortunate experiences that they want to share and reach out for support on. Those who go on to receive good results don’t usually come back and share here.

And if results turn out to be something more serious (again, extremely unlikely) you’ll see from here just how effective and advanced treatment is. Honestly, before I came on here I thought cervical cancer = at best, no children, and at worst, terminal diagnosis. I’ve learnt this is really not the case and have been so inspired by the stories on here. Plus, take reassurance (I know I do) from being in a screening programme that will pick up abnormalities long before they become cancer.

I hope this helps, please PM me if you’d like to talk some more xxx



I am another who got a moderate result on their last smear. Mine did turn out to be CIN3 however the treatment is the same regardless of it being 2/3. I had a complete meltdown about it so I totally understand! Managed to cry on everyone from boyf to my boss!! However once you get on the treatment route it def gets a bit easier.

Stay in touch, we'll hold your hand along the way



Hey All

Thanks for all the kind quick responses it has made me feel a tiny bit better but still majorly stressed and scared. I havnt received my colpscopy appointment yet, how long I should I expect to wait? I know what everyone  says about the majority of cases being fine and having spoken to friends and family they all seem to know someone that has been in this position before so am trying to keep this in mind but can't help but worry.  Can anyone shed some light on the hpv virus as I'm a little confused? If you have abnormal smear does this deffo mean you have the virus? And if so I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years so can we keep infecting each other? If I have cells removed will he infect me again? I'm so confused?? 



Hi Dannii, 

HPV is a very common sexually transmitted virus which everyone gets at some point. It has no symptoms and most people clear it within two years, without even knowing they've had it. For some reason that medical science does not yet fully understand, some people are unable to clear it, and the virus stays in the body for years and years, again without the person knowing they've got it. For some of these people who are unable to clear it, the HPV can go on to cause cell changes, which you may have seen named as CIN or CGIN. If these cell changes are left untreated for a number of years, these can sometimes (but not always) develop into cervical cancer. 

If you have an abnormal smear, this does not necessarily mean you have HPV. It depends why the smear is abnormal. All a smear does is detect whether or not there is a change (dyskariosis just means 'change'). A colposcopy is then arranged so that a gynaecologist can have a more detailed look to see what that change might be. If you have cell changes (most likely CIN) then in most cases these can be removed in a very straightforward procedure which takes about 30 minutes, is sometimes done there and then, and there is no reason to think that you would ever have any further problems. If you have CIN or CGIN then yes, you do have HPV. But having HPV is not something to worry about in itself and carries no stigma - as I say, everyone gets it and it's not your fault that you haven't been able to clear it. 

There is still a lot they don't know about HPV, but this is the current theory in terms of your worry about your relationship:

- Once you've had HPV and cleared it naturally, an immunity is created, meaning that you cannot contract the virus again. 

- If you have HPV and have been unable to clear it naturally and it has led to CIN or CGIN, and you've had to have some medical intervention to remove this, the removal of it stimulates the immune response that you would have had if you'd cleared it naturally, again making you immune to contracting the virus another time. 

So no, if current theories are correct (and for lots of reasons to do with how HPV behaves, they probably are), you cannot have HPV taken away, and then re-contract it from your boyfriend. In terms of your relationship as well, please bear in mind that you've probably had HPV for years - some people get cervical cell changes, realise that means they've got HPV and think that means their partner has been unfaithful. It doesn't mean this at all - unless you lost your virginity to a virgin, you could even have got HPV the first time you had sex - the virus is that common. Also, if you've given it to your boyfriend, there is no reason to think that he is someone who hasn't been able to clear it naturally, so he probably hasn't got it anymore anyway. 

I hope this helps! If you're still confused, let me know!

Annabel. x

Thanks Annabel. I think I understand but its still all very confusing. Hopefully I will receive my colp appointment will arrive very soon as this is all that's occupying my mind at the moment.  Thanks for everyone's advice and stories it really does make you realise your not weird for being a panicking wreck!!! 


Hi Danni88,

                 My 1st smear was abnormal too, i was told i had CIN1+2, it is scary but 1 year on mine have gone away now! i had some cold coagulation in december (without anaesthetic) and that was fine. i have another smear in december.

Being HPV+ one of my concerns was also about being re-infected as my boyfriend has got an impaired immune consultant reassured me that we couldnt keep passing it between ourselves, however if there is a change in partners down the line it may be possible to be infected with one of the other strains of HPV.

hope this helps xx

P.S my last biopsy result showed that i have managed to clear the HPV and it is no longer active

Thanks  Megan,

I received my colop appointment today for next Tuesday so trying to stay positive. Petrified though!!

will post afterwards.


Hi Danii,

I jave read your post and i am quite similar i am 24 had my 1st smear over 2 weeks ago got a letter back sayin i had low grade dyskaryosis and evidence of HPV and waiting for a appointment for a colopscopy. I just wondered if you have any advice and how yours went? All i have done this weekend is cry and i am terrified its goin to lead to something. If though the letter states it is not cancer that is all i can think about :-( 

Any advise or comment would be great hope you are ok